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50PC: Boys LOSE! 19th December, 2011

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I didn’t see tis one coming!  After all my smug comments and cocky confidence, I get floored.  Mon put so much work into our furlough this year that most of the subsequent donations were marked GIRL!?!?!?




And although we both win (in the end), I hang my head in shame and look for an opportunity to get the glory back.

Good game babe.

Until next time!


Goodbye PC! Hello Mac! 23rd August, 2011

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I finally made the switch!  I’m now officially a MAC MAN!

I’ve spent the day installing software, shifting files, etc so that I can officially close the old Sony Vaio (which you can see hiding behind my new laptop in the pic of my messy desk) and use nothing by my shiny new 13″ MacBook Pro.

I’ve had PCs as long as I can remember.  I’ve gone through a crazy number of laptops that have all served me faithfully and each has died slow and valiant death.  Over the last 10 years I’ve regularly contemplated switching to mac, but each time the issue has been the same:  I could probably eventually save enough money to buy a mac, but I’ve got so much software that is windows only (or expensive software that I only have a windows version for) that if I ever managed to afford the mac, I wouldn’t be able to afford the software too.  A stalemate.

Enter God.

Through some incredible supporters of ours God has blown our minds.  We were given enough money (specifically) to buy new macs for both Mon and I… AND SOFTWARE!

{insert dropped-jaw face}

Can you believe it?  So a couple of weeks ago we launched out and bought our new computers… and the new software.  And just when you think God can’t get any crazier… He connected us with a microsoft rep who got us MASSIVELY discounted microsoft software (letting us both get office, and me get a copy of windows so I can run all my windows only software)… and then adobe were WONDERFUL… and gave me a whopping $600 off the software because I’d bought a windows version before.

We are mindblown.

The money was given to get all the laptop stuff we needed and so with the money saved we did something CRAZY!  Mon took my blackberry… and I got an iPhone?!?!?  I have to say… it is the most amazing tool I’ve ever owned.  In the couple of days that I’ve been playing with it, I’m amazed at it’s functionality… it syncs seamlessly with the mac (of course)… and it has so many free apps that allow it to do amazing things.  I used the blackberry all the time for work, but it really struggles with certain things I have to do online.  Well… not a problem any more.

For the duration of our time back in Scotland we’ve quietly prayed…

“God, our computers are dying and we can’t buy new ones.  I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to get the money together and feel comfortable spending it on technology, even though it is so central to ministry and keeping up with family and supporters.  We don’t need anything special or flashy… just laptops that will work and last.  Move God.  We need you to.”

We’ve prayed that so many times over the last year… and BOOM!  God takes care of it and goes WAY beyond what we’d asked for.  Straight away one of my favourite lines from Paul’s prayers comes to mind…

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.  (Eph 3:20-21)

Is this really my life? 2nd August, 2011

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Is this really my life?

Every now and then I have a moment where I see my life through someone else’s eyes.  In the moment, I’m just living my life doing what I do, then all of a sudden I see things differently.

Right now, Mon and I are in the States, travelling up and down the West Coast speaking to churches and church groups, sharing about God’s work in Scotland, calling people to surrender their lives and pay the cost of discipleship, and all the way through seeing God move mightily, provide generously and sometimes miraculously.

A few days ago Mon and I had just got done speaking with a group of students where we exhorted them to take discipleship to the next level.  It was the fourth or fifth appointment of the day and we were tired but loving sharing our lives with them.

As we were driving home we were suddenly struck by this life we’re living.

Is this really my life?

I have an amazing wife.
I have an amazing team.
We live by faith, trusting God for our needs.
God moves other people to support us financially.
He moves the most unlikely people to lend us their possessions.
People invite us to speak at their churches.
He gives us unique opportunities to challenge and encourage people.
We’ve ministered in several countries and several States.
We’ve preached or shared in a different countries and to many churches
I even flew across the ocean to do a wedding.

But most exciting of all… God moves in people as we do all these things.

It doesn’t feel real!  Is this really my life?

This really is my life! 

If someone had described this to me 10 years ago I would have laughed.

I admired people who lived this kind of life.
I read biographies of those people.

Now we are those people.

What an exciting and humbling realisation.

Furlough: Off to the States 10th July, 2011

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In a few hours we take off for Portland for our first FURLOUGH.  What a crazy few months this has been. God has been doing some amazing things in and around me which I’ll hopefully blog about later.

This will be a busy but exciting trip.  On Saturday I do my first ever wedding!  How cool.

Time for sleep.

Dear Anonymous 24th May, 2011

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Dear Anonymous…

I hope you read my blog because I really want you to hear us as we say THANK YOU for you generous pledge of support. I wish you weren’t anonymous so that we could thank you more directly but we understand that God often moves us to “give in secret”.

Your gift was timely and a massive encouragement to us so thank you for being obedient to God’s leading.

Once again He proves the statement true: God hears our prayers!

Thank you for being willing to be His answer.

50PC: Update 8th January, 2011

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What and encouragement The 50 Person Challenge has been so far.  We’ve just hit the first of the two goals and managed it very evenly… we’ve reached the equivalent of 50 between us, which is a huge increase over the last couple of months.  Now let’s see which of us gets to 50 first!

Tied! 22nd November, 2010

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This time last week we launched the 50 Person Challenge and it’s been such an encouragement to have so many people respond in the first few days.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!

It’s not quite as even as it looks.  Someone pledged over $20/month and so technically I’m at 7.5 and still winning.  *big grin*.  If you want to jump on board, you can sign up at www.scottandmonica.com or leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you want more info about how you can help.

“The 50 Person Challenge” 12th November, 2010

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I’ve spent a chunk of today updating the Scott&Monica website, because today we’re launching a new support raising campaign… and I need your help!!!  After being a little overwhelmed at how underfunded we are (about 50%/monthly) I’ve been spending a lot of time praying about what to do about support.  We’re are excited to do what we’re calling “The 50 Person Challenge”.

The idea is very simple:  If we can find 50 people who are willing to commit to supporting us $20/month we will increase out monthly support by 20%.  After taking time to pray about the idea and asking a few friends for their input we felt this was a good way to move forward.  To add a little spice to it, Mon and I decided that we’re going to compete to see who can get 50 people FIRST!  (Yes, we’re both VERY competitive).

We can’t do this alone!  It’s extremely difficult to connect with people while we’re out of the States and so we need your help!  We’re looking for advocates:  people who would be willing to approach their friends and family on our behalf and ask them to support us.

It would only take 25 people to each find 2 people in their life who would be willing to support us for us to reach the goal!  It seems doable!  If you know anyone with a heart for global mission, for church planting, discipleship or Scotland… or you know someone who values the sort ministry that we’re doing, we love love for you to ask them to partner with us as we exalt the name of Jesus here in Scotland.

We’re excited to see what God does.  He called… and He’ll provide!

I have a car! 27th August, 2008

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I have some amazing friends, and we serve an amazing God! I arrived back in Portland on Thursday to some great news. One of my friends was given a new car and looking to get rid of her old one. She wanted to know if I could use it. One of my other friends had been looking for a way to support me and so offered to pay for the insurance. And so on Sunday I picked up what is now my car. It is such a HUGE BLESSING. (Thank you God, and thank you to my two car-giving friends)

The thing I have hated about my time in the States has been my lack of freedom. I have at time felt claustrophobic because I am so used to being able to jump in my car and get away for a while. In my time in Portland I have needed to depend on other people for lifts/rides back and forth, or try and borrow a car from someone when the need arose. The whole process has been a part of the lessons in dependence that God brought me here to learn, not just having to depend on Him, but see the importance of the Body of Christ and our dependence on one another.

I am so grateful for all the times people allowed me to use their cars at some point (especially big thanks go to God on behalf of Jeanine, Monica, Cristine, Jamie, Katie, Amanda, Lance, and Joe). May He receive all the glory for your generosity. It is so great to have freedom again. It’s strange that even though I am sitting in the house and have not used the car much other than to get back and forth to school, knowing it is there waiting is such a freeing feeling. I am of course being very careful to use it as little as possible… Gas in the US might not be as expensive as it is at home, but it still eats into the wallet!

I thank God for His continual blessings.

God is my currency 16th August, 2008

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Hi Scott. Got your latest ‘newsletter’ earlier this week. Asked God if He wanted me to do anything about what you need. I think he said £500, so I authised transfer of this sum to your bank account this morning. 1 Peter 1:2b

This is a text message I received yesterday, and as you can expect I fell to my knees to thank and praise God for His constant provision.

The path I’m on is not the easiest. I have had people close to me ridicule me, calling me a leech, a scrounger, and a waste of space because I’m not going into a “real” profession. They mock me and criticize me for walking a faith path that causes me to have to rely on God’s provision instead of being able to work. Despite this I press on knowing that God promises to provide, and encouraged by text messages like this one.

I have my days where I begin to worry if this is the semester that it won’t work out, but then I remember the biographies I have read and the amazing ways God provides for the people He calls. It would be far easier if I could get a job with a regular wage, but it’s not available to me.

So far God has provided everything I have needed for the first two years at Multnomah, and amount that comes to over $50,000! When I look back and see the amazing ways He has worked so far, why do I ever fear that this could be the semester it doesn’t work out?! I sometimes feel like I’m in the scene from the movie Cliffhanger, where Sarah is hanging from Gabe’s hand over a massive drop. But there is a MAJOR difference. My hand won’t be slipping out of any glove! God has me held securely, and every moment I spend dangling tests and grows my faith.

I praise God for the way He has provided for me. I rejoice in people’s willingness to come alongside me and support me. I give Him thanks for text messages like this one which demonstrate people’s obedience to Him in supporting His work.

I’m leaving the country on Wednesday with less money in the bank than I had hoped, but strangely I’m filled with excitement. I know God will provide, and so I will do my part and trust in His perfect promises.