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Brassed Off! 19th May, 2011

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Well, I joined a brass band…!

I started playing tenor horn at school when I was 11 years old.  Of all the instruments I play it’s the one I’ve played longest and was most accomplished in.  I played constantly, right up to when I got involved with Re:Hope about 7 years ago.  At that poin between uni, church and work I wasn’t able to make the band practices.  The worst part about that is the horn I had for all the years I played belonged to the band and so had to give it back.

I sat beside Anne (in the pic above) for the last several years that I played.  There were a couple of times after stopping when I got a phone call from Anne asking if I’d help out another band she begun playing with because they needed some extra players for concerts/contests.  Pretty much I haven’t touched a brass instrument at all in the last 7 years.

Since I quit, whenever I hear brass music I get a little twinge of I-want-to-play again.  Several times in the States I thought about joining a band when we got back here, but I didn’t think I’d have the time, the ability to commit, or be able to play very well after a 7 years absence.

Well, true to form, when I got back I got a wee message from Anne wondering if I was interested in playing again.  I kept considering it but was pretty convinced the commitment expected from the band wouldn’t work with my commitment to the ministry we are doing here.  She has lovingly whispered “come play with us” in my ear since I got home and I finally buckled.  After hearing of their need, realizing their practices are on the evening of my day off, and then finding out that most of the band are Christians I gave in and decided to check them out.

So… I’m now playing Tenor Horn with BSI (Brass Sounds Inverclyde) who are about an hour train journey away.

The first practice was daunting.  I turned up, they handed me a horn, and that rehearsal was my first time playing in 7 years.  I guess playing brass is like riding a bike.  It comes right back.

It’s so good to have this outlet again.

Yup, I’m a band geek.

So what?!



Overwhelmed – OUT NOW! 29th June, 2010

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FINALLY!  Jake Schwein‘s CD is out RIGHT NOW!  I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this album!  I value Jake and his music so much that I wanna do what I can to help with the success of his album.  So, knowing me and my love for music, I’m not making up the fact the album is good.  And knowing me and my heart for ministry, you know that his ministry is legitimate.  So… jump on to iTunes and buy it.  And once you’ve listened, jump back on iTunes and review it!   Love it.  Love him.  and Love you guys!


Overwhelmed CD 21st June, 2010

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I’m excited for YOU!  In just over a week…  on June 29, Jake Schwein‘s CD Overwhelmed is released to the general public.  You have to buy it!!!

I always get excited when an artist I like releases a new album, but there’s something more awesome about an artist you know personally releasing a CD having watched him pour blood, sweat, tears, and prayers into the project.

Jake Schwein (pronounced Sh-ween) is the Creative Arts pastor at Grace Chapel, my home church in Portland.  I remember the first time I ever visited Grace.  I have always been in the habit of writing down song names, lyrics, and artists whenever I heard a song that I liked, so that I could find it and use it to lead worship.  Well, this day at Grace I heard a song I love, I wrote down the key line from the chorus: “I am overwhelmed by the love of Christ” and the artist’s name (who I’d never heard of).  I went home, typed the details in google, to be lead to the Grace Chapel site where I found that Jake Schwein had been the guy leading worship.  I felt dumb.

I remember thinking, I wish I could get a recording of that song.  People will love it.  And now, a few years down the line, after a lot of time, effort, and prayers, his album is being distributed.  So jump on his site, onto iTunes, onto amazon… wherever you like to get music, and order it.  He’s made all the chord charts and lyrics available for download on his site.

Jake is an amazing guy who deeply loves Christ.  His passion for God and for revealed Christ to people is clearly seen in his songs.  My personal favorites are Overwhelmed, Body and Blood, and Stir Up and Belong (a song he wrote as he went through the process of adopting his daughter from Africa, reflecting on what it means to be adopted into the family of God).

I love this guy.  I love his heart.  I love his CD.  And I’d love it if you’d support him by buying a copy or two!

If We Are His Body… 11th June, 2009

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On the way over to Starbucks this morning to spend the day reading Jeremiah, praying, journaling, and discipling, I was struck by a song on the radio by Casting Crowns called “If We Are the Body”.  I have been pondering these words most of the day, since they pose a great challenge to the Church today, calling us to examine ourselves:

If we are the Body
Why aren’t His arms reaching
Why aren’t His hands healing
Why aren’t His words teaching
And if we are the Body
Why aren’t His feet going
Why is His love not showing them there is a way
There is a way
Jesus is the way

I was challenged.  If we are the Body of Christ, then we should be reaching out to the lost, the needy, the “burned”… we should be screaming God’s Words, standing up for the authority of Scripture, since it the power of God for salvation and sanctification… we should be rejoicing over people being set free from bondage and being healed of their issues…

May we, the Body, chase after Him with all our hearts, fixing our eyes on Him, saturating ourselves with His Word and with Prayer, so that we are overflowing with His Spirit, dying to self, and reaching out in love to the world God came and died for.

If we are His Body…

Grace Chapel Men’s Retreat 21st April, 2008

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I’m just back from the Grace Chapel Men’s Retreat which was based on the book Deadly Viper Character Assasins by Mike Foster & Jud Wilhite: an amazing weekend, with close to 100 guys from the church taking time out to focus on what it means to live with Radical Integrity and Radical Grace.

This has been a stressful semester, and as it gets near to the end of the semester it was great to take the weekend to relax, focus on God, and enjoy the company of some amazing godly men!

The book looks at 7 “Deadly Viper Character Assasins” who are

bloodthirsty hit-men lurking in the shadows plotting to undermine your leadership, integrity, and success.

I’ll be reading through the book in the next week or so and I’ll post more info on it later. It’s a book containing principles we all need to live by if we want to finish strong!

The weekend itself was amazing. The team at Grace did a phenomenal job putting together a retreat packed full of action! We were entertained by a sqaud of drum-playing-ninja-sword-fighting-karate-kids! An incredible opening! The rest of the weekend was filled with sports including 50 man dodgeball! Relaxing in the hot tub next to the ice-cold outdoor pool. Plenty of time to sit around and get to know the godly men of the church. And lots of time to be in God’s presence as we worshipped!

Mike Foster talked… David Martin led worship. This guy is gifted! You need to jump on his site check out his music and download it from iTunes. Both Dave and Mike are great guys who love the Lord intensely! It was a blessing to spend time with them over the weekend.

God really laid it on my heart over the course of the retreat to be intentional about praying for Mike & Jud and the work they are doing for God. Sadly, at the moment we have heard a lot about Christian Leaders who trip up. What they do is no worse than when you or I sin – the difference with them is that it gets posted across the media!! I have found myself wondering what prayer support they had. Often times it happens as they leave the spotlight, and then as something happens we are reminded that it’s a person who campaigned for Christ. The work that Mike and Jud are doing is so powerful that I know Satan will try everything to wreck their work. Because of that, I’m gonna partner with them in the Spiritual Fight, praying for their protection from Satan’s attempts to Assassinate them!

If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Deadly Viper, jump on the website, find out about these guys work and PRAY for them! I encourage you to do the same for David Martin! Check out his site, listen to his music and PRAY that God would use it to impact people around the world!