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I’m allowed to keep my wife!!! 21st January, 2013

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So… we survived our trip to the States, travelling there with a 4 month old and arriving back with a 5 month old!  Travelling with an infant is a very different experience!  (Which also explains the lack of blogging for the last 6 weeks!)  It took us a week and a half to recover from jet lag arriving there, since no matter how well we explained it to her, Ella didn’t quite grasp that 2.30am is not an appropriate time to wake up and be ready for the day.  LoL.

We left the States knowing we’d be arriving home close to Mon’s visa expiry date.  When we moved here she was granted a 2.5 year visa, which we thought expired at the end of February.  We booked our flights coming back on Jan 17th, then, as we were looking into some visa details, we realised her visa expired on Jan 20th?!!?!?  Yikes.

After lots of prayer followed by panic followed by prayer followed by… we managed to get a one-day visa appointment!  So a couple of days ago, we compiled all the necessary paperwork (and lots of extra paperwork, just in case!), and headed to the interview.  The result was the government granting Monica Indefinite Leave to Remain.

What does that mean?  Basically… I’m allowed to keep my wife!  (wooooohooooooo!!!)

Today is the day she would have had to leave the country.

Instead, she just made me lunch to eat as I work!

Love it!


50PC: Boys LOSE! 19th December, 2011

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I didn’t see tis one coming!  After all my smug comments and cocky confidence, I get floored.  Mon put so much work into our furlough this year that most of the subsequent donations were marked GIRL!?!?!?




And although we both win (in the end), I hang my head in shame and look for an opportunity to get the glory back.

Good game babe.

Until next time!

My First Wedding: The Evensons 18th July, 2011

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Saturday was a special day… I officated my first wedding!  Two years ago I did my first baptisms.  The first person I ever baptised was my friend, Josh Evenson.  The next person in the water to be baptised was Ashley Leister, his girlfriend.  Well, two years later I performed my first ever wedding… The marriage of Ashley Leister to Josh Evenson.

It was a special day.  The weather forecast said rain (which is not good for an outdoor wedding with no backup plan) but in His mercy it stayed dry all day, including the sun making an appearance a few times.

I was so nervous for the wedding but it went extremely.  I feel so honoured to have been able to play such a key part in their wedding.

A big thanks to the Mr & Mrs Evenson for asking me to be a part of it!

Furlough: Off to the States 10th July, 2011

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In a few hours we take off for Portland for our first FURLOUGH.  What a crazy few months this has been. God has been doing some amazing things in and around me which I’ll hopefully blog about later.

This will be a busy but exciting trip.  On Saturday I do my first ever wedding!  How cool.

Time for sleep.

Furlough Dates 21st May, 2011

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So, we finally booked the flights for our first “furlough”.

Furlough is the technical term for “a period of time that missionaries spend back in their homeland doing missions motivation and mobilization in what is often called deputation.”

We’ll arrive in Portland Mon July 11th and fly back to Scotland Thurs August 18th

Looking forward to seeing you!