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Review: A Journey to Victorious Praying 4th August, 2017

Posted by Scotty in Life.

41Xh8id9hRLI have come to hold certain expectation of books by Moody Publishers: They consistently cling to Scripture, walk systematically through a topic without scrimping on the foundational truths, and are scattered with practical challenges.   A Journey to Victorious Praying: Finding Discipline and Delight in Your Prayer Life lives up to those expectations.

With elegant simplicity Bill Thrasher walks through a number of issues central to the topic of prayer. He lays a solid biblical foundation, while sensitively addressing some more challenging topics like issues that hinder our prayers, or why God doesn’t answer prayer. I am particularly appreciative of his understanding of the role of weakness in prayer.

The book consists of 30 short chapters—which could easily be used as a 1-month, a-chapter-a-day devotional tool. The chapters are split into nine sections:

Section One: The Help of Your Weakness
Section Two: The Help of the Holy Spirit
Section Three: The Help of Companionship
Section Four: The Help of Scripture
Section Five: The Discipline of Prayer
Section Six: The Importance of Prayer
Section Seven: The Help of Fasting
Section Eight: The Waiting of Prayer
Section Nine: The Power of Praise

This book would be a great starting point for exploring the topic of prayer.

Below are a few of my favourite quotes:

When concentrated times of Bible study and Bible teaching such as seminary education are not done in a spirit of prayer, it can be very dangerous spiritually. One can get so used to talking about God that he neglects the habit of talking to God” (p92).

Most of our lives are overextended, and we fail to grasp that if our service does not flow from an abiding relationship with Christ, it is the fruit of our flesh and not the Spirit” (p114).

Many of us continue to make the mistake of trying to compensate for our lack of communion with God with increased social and spiritual activity” (p131)

It is God’s Word that explains to us how to be open, dependent, and responsive to God’s Spirit. Although there is a subjective side of the Christian life, without God’s Word one loses an objective standard. God’s Word is the fuel that keeps the fire of prayer and worship burning in the soul of the person yielded to the Lord” (p226).



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