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Review: GO 6th September, 2016

Posted by Scotty in Books, Reviews.

Back in January I read Barna’s The State of Discipleship and came across a short article called “Four Reflections on the State of Discipleship.” I thought was a great and insightful piece of writing, and so having no idea who Preston Sprinkle was, I jumped on google. I quickly discovered he was soon to release a book about discipleship  based on the findings of that Barna research project. And so, I put it on my wishlist, and was overly extremely excited when I saw a chance to grab a preview copy.

gocoverLast week I received a copy of Go: Returning Discipleship to the Front Lines of Faith by Preston Sprinkle. And I really liked this book! I flew through it in a couple of days because his writing style is so easy to follow and the content was engaging. Here are a few things I enjoyed about this book:

Firstly, I love reading works by people who have a heart to see more effective discipleship and are theologically insightful. Then when they back up their opinions with facts and figures beyond  anecdotal experience, it’s particularly enjoyable. Preston Sprinkle brings all three to the table.

Secondly, the flow of the book is great, progressing from our personal experience of Jesus, to the importance of relationship, to our missional outworking in this world.

Thirdly, I applaud Sprinkle for the positive way in which he critiques the present discipleship condition, while offering compelling vision for how things could be. The book cycles between humble critique, appropriate challenge, and attractive vision.

I’m glad to add this book to my collection. I’ve read a LOT of books about discipleship and really enjoyed this one.  It may be my new go-to for someone who is looking for a good overview of what effective discipleship can look like, or to help inspire passion for discipleship.

Here are some quotes I enjoyed that show the three layers of discipleship:

Personal: “The Scriptures are clear that grace must be the centrepiece of discipleship. Without a rich understanding of grace, our efforts to become like Christ will fail.” (26)

Relational: “Discipleship can’t happen without relationships. Deep relationships. Authentic relationships. Relationships where people can share their intimate struggles, confess their socially unacceptable sins, and rely on others for spiritual strength.” (42)

Missional: “Discipleship is far more than just mastering morality. It’s even more than thinking critically about tough topics… Biblical discipleship must include mission—embodying and displaying the presence of Christ beyond the four walls of the church.” (113)

I received this book free for an honest review from Tyndale Publisher’s.



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