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One Year All Clear!!! 25th February, 2013

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.


I have been sitting here taking care of some administrative tasks and just looked at the date and thought… wow… that crept up on me?!  Yesterday… is the year anniversary of getting my ALL CLEAR from the hospital!  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since that portion of my journey ended.

In the midst of chemo, I felt like the world was ending.  It felt like it would never end.  But here I am, a year later, looking back on it and I have a hard time believing that was me?!  It feels like a different person, another life.  It’s amazing how a difficult season can feel like a lifetime while you’re going through it, but when you’re out the other side and looking back–and especially if you’re looking from the perspective of eternity–it’s such a tiny slither of our existence.

God uses massive experiences like this past season to do huge transformative work in a person’s heart.  I have a hard time reconciling the man who was diagnosed with cancer with the man who sits here typing.  At some point soon I’ll try to put some of that transformation into words but for now I’m content simply to acknowledge the phenomenon.

I’m alive! My life is His to use in whatever way He sees fit. And..

To Him be the glory



1. Sharon O - 25th February, 2013

The other miracle is your beautiful baby girl. To God be the Glory great things HE has done.

2. Jeff - 3rd March, 2013


All clear, and clearly being transformed.

3. jeremiahandrews - 20th March, 2013

They say, and I can attest, that suffering a terrible disease and either winning or loosing the fight, makes us all grow up a little faster than is usual. You suffered and you belong to God now. And God has seen you through. Yes, God is glorious and you survived for you, your family and for the people you love and minister to.

Pope John Paul II was apt to say that “it is in suffering that we are saved and that makes us holy.” You’ve grown up and I am proud of you. My prayers always go with you.


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