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RESOURCE: Operation World iCal 9th February, 2013

Posted by Scotty in Books, Discipleship, Mission, Prayer.

Operation-World-book-cover_Page_01In my last post The Radical Experiment, I said that one of the things my family is committed to doing this year it’s praying for the world.  We’re working through the book Operation World (there’s also a website) which gives information, statistics and prayer points for all the countries

Now that we live in the world of smartphones (and knowing how terribly I function when I don’t have things in my phone/laptop calendar )I decided to perform a labour of love today:

I input the Operation World Prayer Calendar into a google calendar, so that I have daily alerts and quick access to the corresponding website content.  

So, if you like to use digital calendars, and you want to join us in praying for the world, here are the links to access the calendar:

XML       iCal      HTML

And if you like the idea, but still prefer the old school hard copy, it is available to print on the website (http://www.operationworld.org/prayer-calendar).



1. Nate Cress - 24th June, 2013

Thank you for working on this. I completed about half the year myself before thinking that somebody else must have already done this. I don’t know why they haven’t added something like this to the Operation World website.

Scotty - 24th June, 2013

Haha. Yeah, I went searching and couldn’t find anything. I’m looking forward to the day they release an app! Glad this is helpful! If you think of any ways to improve it, let me know!!

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