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2013 ONE WORD 1st January, 2013

Posted by Scotty in Calling, Challenges, Heart.

Last year I tried something new.  Instead of thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to pick one word that I would ask God to cultivate in me for the year (see my 2012 word and explanation here).  I liked the simplicity and the focus on it so I decided to do the same thing this year.  And so… my ONE WORD for 2013 is:


After sitting thinking that perhaps grace should be my word for 2013, I asked Monica what she thought and with only 2 seconds to process, she suggested grace.  So I guess that’s the right word!

Grace has never been my strong point, both in relation to myself and others.  I have always held myself to a really high standard.  When I fall short of that standard I beat myself into the ground.  And over the last year I realised that I secretly hold other people to that same standard.  Neither of these things is good!  Perfectionists, like me, don’t grasp grace!  There’s no room for error in a perfectionist’s world.  But God has been reminding me that Jesus Christ was the only perfect person and that He specialises in working through broken people.  He has been softening my hard heart, and teaching me the importance of grace.

2012 was a tough year–a year of trial and testing.  Through each trial, God has been teaching me more about my heart and much about His Grace.  We have been brought to our knees on numerous occasions and it was experiencing Grace that set us back on our feet.

God has shown me that:

Grace is God’s strategy for reaching the world!

So for 2013, I’ll be asking the Holy Spirit to make me an instrument of grace.  I want to grow in grace towards myself.  I want to be better at receiving grace from others.  And I want to be quick to extend grace to others.  Just as the one who is forgiven much loves much, so the one who has received grace much should extend grace much.  We want our home and our lives to be environments of Grace where the grace we’ve received can overflow from our lives to bring healing to others.

Lord, I thank you for Your Grace.



1. Owen Pye - 1st January, 2013

That’s a cool idea. I dig!

Scotty - 1st January, 2013

That’s what I thought when I first saw the idea. Be sure to let me know what your word is if you come up with one!

2. Sharon O - 1st January, 2013

Good word I am praying about my word too. last year it was INTENTIONAL. which could be my word again but… perhaps it would be a good challege to do a new one. praying. After church Larry said ‘I think your word could be comittment or sacrifice’ that is what the Lord was telling me. I said ‘He hasn’t told me yet’.
both of those words are a bit scary.

Scotty - 1st January, 2013

Yeah. Those are scary words indeed! I was reluctant to choose “grace” because the process of developing so far has been tough… Not sure i want to invite more. Lol

3. Sue Swihart Bastiani - 7th January, 2013

Well, Scotty, if anything will help you learn about GRACE, it’s MARRIAGE! lol Take it from someone whose been in one for 46 years! 🙂 I’ve decided to study God’s Word more faithfully (I have a tendency to get behind and let go) so am using YouVersion Bible on line to keep me accountable and meeting some other ladies with the same goals! Also want to improve my terrible prayer life. Everyone thinks I’m such a prayer warrior, but confession, I’m more of a “facilitator” of prayer and that’s not good! Okay, That’s me and you…We’re set! Have a GREAT year with that beautiful family you have…What’s past is over my man! Today is the way….just today…
XOXO to Scotty XOXO to Monica XOXOXOXOXOXOXO to Baby E

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