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South America vii 19th April, 2012

Posted by Scotty in Travel.

This morning we said goodbye to Loja.  I can’t believe we were there for only for 4 days.  God has definitely opened our heart to fall in love with this country and the people.

This morning we flew to Guayaquil for the day before leaving for Quito where we spend the last couple of days.  In Guayaquil we were introduced to a local ministry Impacto Mundial (World Impact) which I love.  It’s run by an incredible woman, Julieta, who became a missionary aged 14 and has spent the last 30 years serving God in full-time missionary.  She has so many unbelievable and faith-boosting stories about her time in India which were a blessing to listen to.  Impacto Mundial is a mission sending agency here in Ecuador and right now she has 30 young men and women who have devoted the year to train for the mission field.

We got to meet a group of them before we went home and it was so encouraging to watch them serve and to hear the various ways God has led them to devote their lives to the field.  And they are not looking for an easy journey… they’re choosing some very difficult places to minister!

He’s calling young men and women around the world.

May His Name be glorified!



1. Mars - 19th April, 2012

Falling in love with a place in a span of four days is something, perhaps Loja’s got a captivating beauty! And it must be hard to say goodbyes, as in all the instances I fell in love with beautiful provinces in our country.

Julietta, she sounds like an amazing woman of faith. I’m glad you were blessed to be moved by her faith encounters. Thanks for sharing this, keep afloat in faith.

Scotty - 20th April, 2012

Yeh, we’re surprised with how quickly it grabbed us. And as for Julieta… I’m trying to work out how to get her to Scotland and how to get on a trip with her somewhere in the world… she’s got so many of the incredible stories that you only get to read in books!

Mars - 20th April, 2012

Must be a blessing to encounter people like her. Good luck on that endeavor! And enjoy your coming travels! Hugs from this side 🙂

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