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I HAVE HAIR! 6th March, 2012

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

I figured I should probably post something after being so quiet for the last couple of weeks…

I’m slowly recovering from the ordeal of the last 4 months.  Some days I wonder if the reality of the last 4 months has hit me yet, or if that’s still to come.  I don’t think the reality of soon-to-be-daddy-ness has kicked in yet either, although see a bump growing on the front of Monica is making things feel a bit more real in that department.  (exciting!)

As you can see from the pic, I HAVE HAIR!  My facial hair is back and feeling mostly normal, and my hair is back (probably about 8mm long)… and it feels like baby hair, really soft and fluffy!  It’s nice that it’s growing pretty quickly.  I need to take my clippers to it soon to chop the baby fluff so real hair grows, but I’m enjoying having hair for the minute so I’m just going to leave it.

Tonight was the second week of the RESTART study that I’m participating in at the hospital.  RESTARTRehabilitation Evaluation in Survivors of Testicular Cancer After Radical Treatment.  It’s a 6-week project piloting a potential rehabilitation programme which they are hoping to offer to all recovering TC patients in the future.  It covers a number of helpful areas… exercise, nutrition, returning to work, finances, the psychological impact of cancer/chemo, fatigue, relationships, fertility… So far the course has been interesting and is already proving to be helpful for those of us participating.

The biggest thing I’m still dealing with is the fatigue.  I’m still not back to normal energy levels but it’s definitely improving.  In general I think I’m in the 85% level, but some days are better than others.  This weekend was particularly draining and so yesterday and today have been quite a struggle… and so it’s reassuring to sit in a room with experts and other post-chemo patients and hear that we’re all in the same boat.  Maybe I’m not so weird after all.

I tell you though… It’s just so nice to have hair!

To Him be the glory!!!




1. Summer - 6th March, 2012

The hair looks fanstinkintastic 🙂

2. Jen-Yi - 7th March, 2012

I wanna touch the fluffy hairs~ 😀

3. Sue Bastiani - 12th March, 2012

Yay for baby hair, your’s and Beebee’s! May you recover fully from the battle you have waged….SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I wanted to include a battle cry, but I don’t know if that one is appropriate…How about….FREEEEEEDDDOOOMMMM! Well…anyway, thinking of you and your wee family as usual, praying too! Thanks ever so much for the update!

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