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The Good Kind of Tired 7th February, 2012

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

What a week!  I started back at work last week with a master plan… for the next month I’d aim for 15-20hrs so as not to do too much too quickly.

Well… I totally failed.  Tues-Fri I somehow, without really thinking it through, had managed to schedule something important at the start of the day and something big at night.  Probably trying to make sure I had plenty of “down time” I planned something not-to-stressful in the afternoon.  The result… 4 x 12hr days.  By the time Friday rolled around I was rather tired.  But the good kind of tired.  The sort of tired that says I’ve-done-a-lot-and-been-productive rather than the i’ve-sat-around-doing-nothing-while-my-body-feels-dead-from-chemo.  But, as much as it was a good kind of tired, I’m not planning on doing a week like that again for a good few weeks!  I’ve already had a much easier week this week and intend to not overdo it.

Fortunately, I know my body and it’s signs and signals and so I know if I was to try to do the same thing for the next few weeks I’d be lying in a heap unable to do anything!

This morning…we had a baby scan.  It’s the most bizarre thing to look at the computer and see a tiny little (perfectly clear) spine… brain… heart beat.  It’s mad watching a wee human wiggling around when, if I look at Monica, I can barely see any sign of her being pregnant.  I’m trying to work out when it really sinks in?  Is it when she has a big bump? or does it not actually sink in until a doctor hands you a miniature human to take home with you?

My scan is next… a week on Friday… though I’m not sure how long it takes to get results back.  I’m guessing probably 5-7 days.  I guess we’ll see.  🙂

Oh… looking in the mirror today I noticed some dark moustache and soul patch hair.  I guess that means the hair is starting to grow again.  Exciting… but annoying that I have to start shaving again.  3 months without having to shave has been a very pleasant side effect of the chemo!  Roll on hair!  I keep wondering… it was getting pretty grey before it fell out… the chemo process definitely has its stresses… so I wonder if my hair turned grey over the last few months so that it will be significantly more grey when it grows in.  Watch this space.



1. Sharon O - 7th February, 2012

Don’t be surprised if it comes in curly. Most chemo patients get curly hair after treatment.
So happy for baby to be, isn’t it a miracle?? Read Psalm 139 over and over… it is amazing.

2. Allan Mounce - 7th February, 2012

haha – for some reason when i went through mine it was only the hair ontop of my skull that fell out, the facial hair kept growing! (for which i had to use an electric shaver – y’know incase i cut myself & it got infected etc) But it was awesome, i can’t actually rememeber the last time i bought razor blades! The curly thing is pretty common, mine at the back when it first grew back was out of control, don’t worry about it too much though, mine was only like that to start – one cut and it’s back to relatively straight!

The biggest warning i had was that it may grow in a different colour, methinks the nursing staff knowing the trouble i would later give them decided to say “you never know, it might grow in ginger!”. But remind yourself that those of us with grey hairs appear that bit more distinguished – hey if it works for Clooney that’s good enough for me!

3. Sue Swihart Bastiani - 7th February, 2012

Congratulations on have a busy week and making it! Oh so very happy to hear these reports! AND NOW your baaaaaaaaaaaby…oh my goodness…oh my goodness…there is just nothing like it and no one can tell you, it’s just beautiful experience together the two of you and that new little one. Can’t wait! Well, I can, but can YOU? 🙂

4. Nicola Harvey - 8th February, 2012

Re baby…became real with growing bump and watching baby do somersaults and hiccuping….enjoy 🙂

As for your scan…praying and as for your hair….watching lol!! N X

5. Jeremy - 9th February, 2012

Hey Scotty, give me a call (or email)!

Jeremy - 10th February, 2012

Email me, I don’t have your address…

6. Cara - 10th February, 2012

For Chris, the baby became easier to think about when he could feel (or see!) it moving around in my belly, but it wasn’t truly REAL until they finally arrived and then….wow! It’s definitely overwhelming, but in a really good way. 🙂

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