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3 months ago today 31st January, 2012

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

It all started 3 months ago today?!  How surreal.  After an early morning prayer meeting I went to a doctor’s appointment to get a lump checked out.  By 9.30am I was at A&E and wouldn’t leave the hospital for a couple of days.  As I was in A&E I started to blog, but it never made it on here because I wasn’t sure how much I was wanting to share:

I’m lying on a hospital bed in a corridor of the hospital. There’s a drip in my arm and I’m wearing pretty much just a blue papery gown.

A few days ago I became aware of a lump.
A few days ago I made an appointment to have it checked.
This morning I went to the doctor and she referred me straight to the urologist.  She couldn’t don’t get hold of him and so sent me to A&E where I’ve spent the day.

I just had an ultrasound which confirmed the presence of the lump. And now I wait. The urologist will see me this evening. The blood results will be there and then we’ll know what’s up.

Lying in a hospital bed… Bible, biography, iPhone and journal keeping me company.

Looking forward to this being done.

I’m glad I didn’t know the details of how the next 3 months would go!  It was an unpleasant day.  I hadn’t eaten that morning, went to prayer for 7.45am.  Went to the doctor’s at 9am, and was in A&E by 9.30am.  I sat in the waiting room for an hour or two, then spent the same again in triage.  I took some kind of i-haven’t-eaten-or-drank-and-this-is-stressing-me-out seizure-ish faint session when they took my blood.  I was lying on the floor surrounded by people as I came to, only to hear shouts as they were organising for me to get a brain MRI and an appointment at the “first seizure clinic” and telling me I wasn’t allowed to drive.  I freaked out!  I came in because of a testicular lump… does this mean I have a brain tumour?  I’M GOING TO DIE!!!??  It wasn’t until they realised I hadn’t eaten or drank, and that I’d just had blood taken, that they realised it was just a standard faint… I was sooooo relieved.

They eventually put me on a trolley-bed and wheeled me out into a corridor to sit in a long queue of patients-on-beds.  And I pretty much stayed there in that corridor till 6.30pm?!?!?  (It was a particularly busy day for A&E).  They moved me around to my ultrasound etc, but mostly I lay uncomfortably in the corridor which is where I was when I attempted to write that blog.  They moved me up to a ward at 6.30pm and it wasn’t until 9pm that I got to see the urologist, who explained it was a “mixed lump” and they wanted to operate the next day.  They wouldn’t be able to tell what the lump was until it was out, but they didn’t want to delay any longer than necessary.  Plans changed a little and the op was postponed.  I was moved to another hospital and had the op 2 days later.


Today though, exactly 3 months later… was a NORMAL day.  And by NORMAL, I mean that I felt normal and had a packed day! (I even drank a COFFEE which I haven’t done since I started chemo!)   Today looked like this…

10.00-11.30am   church staff meeting
11.45-12.45am    lunch meeting with Brian
1.00-2.30pm       meeting with Student Life workers
4.00-5.00pm      Skype appointment
5.00-7.00pm      Skype appointment
7.00-9.30pm      Catching up on emails and web update for work
9.30- NOW         BLOGGING

So… a full on day.  And I feel GRRRREAT.  I’m not tired out.  I didn’t feel sick.  In fact, it’s felt productive which is a feeling that I’ve missed.  I won’t be doing this every day… I’m easing back into work slowly, but it feels good to have done a full and busy day and be ok at the end.  Something tells me I’ll sleep well tonight… and the good kind of sleep.

And as always…. To Him be the glory!!!




1. Sharon O - 31st January, 2012

He gets all the Glory… there is that Glory word again… Grace and Glory and We are thankful.

2. Sue Swihart Bastiani - 1st February, 2012

Oh gosh, I loved reading this. I don’t remember hearing about the fainting…GRACIOUS! How scary! As if things weren’t bad enough already. And now the last day of the month…you had a NORMAL day. God is sooo good. God is so good. Bless your hearts..Have another normal day tomorrow, and the next…and the next….xoxo Sue

3. Bob Balkcom - 1st February, 2012

God bless you, man. Still praying. God is GOOD!

4. Peter - 1st February, 2012

Email me Scott and I’ll give you my mobile!!


5. Kimberly - 1st February, 2012

So grateful for the Lord’s provision in your last three months! Praying all continues to be clean and clear, praying for you, Monica, and Baby Burns!! Praising the Lord with you – Kimberly

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