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Just Like that: Day 61-62 26th January, 2012

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

My chemotherapy regime was 3x 3-week cycles.  OR  3 cycles of 21 days each.  OR (putting my maths degree to good use…) 62 days.  Which means that today was officially the last day of my chemo regime!

It’s bizarre to think that this time almost 3 months ago I was in the hospital beginning my first round of chemo.  It’s unbelievable to think that in a few hours I would wake u pane be violently sick all morning.  At the time it felt like the end of the world but here, 3 months on, it feels more like a bad dream than a reality.

The past two days have been pretty non-eventful.  I’ve continued to “take it easy”, staying at home to give my immune system time to recover and mostly resting.  Tomorrow will be my first day of venturing out to a coffee shop I think.  Although I’ve not drank coffee since I started chemo and most days the thought of it turns my stomach.  We’ll see what happens but I might be settling for hot milk!

Next week will be a busy week.  We have a lot kicking off with ministry here, a few things that I’m heavily involved in.  I’ll be keeping the hours low for the time being to give myself a chance to recover.  But I’m looking forward to diving back in.  What a blessing it is to be in the “recovery phase”.  woohoo.

To Him be the Glory!




1. Val Blesse - 27th January, 2012

Scott, I am so pleased that you are on this end of the chemo. I look forward to hearing you say, “I feel terrific!” I know it won’t be long 🙂

God is good!

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