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I can’t believe it… WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!! 15th January, 2012

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Cancer, Family, Unmistakeable Hand of God.

Yup… that’s right…. Monica’s Pregnant!

Wow.  Where to start?!  Settle down coz I want to explain this in full because I think it gives God most glory when you see the fuller picture…

One of the hardest things about the cancer diagnosis has been the way it’s affected our plans for a family.  For a while now Mon and I had thought about trying to make a baby this summer, and so it was with shock that I first received the news that I had testicular cancer, that I would have to be operated on, and undergo some fairly intensive chemo.  We were informed that chemotherapy commonly affects fertility in men my age… and that it is possible that after chemo I will be unable to have children.

*two hearts broke*

(As part of the NHS system we were informed about sperm banking and other options that could help for the future.  Which brought to light a whole load of other personal ad theological dilemmas as we tried to process that more fully)

As we got closer to the start of treatment we were given more information… that we MUST NOT attempt to get pregnant while undergoing chemo as my sperm could damage Monica and render her infertile… and on the off chance a pregnancy happened there would be MAJOR complications as the chemotherapy damages the sperm, causing significant damage to the embryo.  That means from finishing chemo we would have to wait a MINIMUM of 1 year before we’re allowed to even start trying to have a family.  And then we’d have to try unsuccessfully for at least a year before they consider exploring infertility issues and solutions.

This has probably been the toughest part of the process for us, as having a family has been such a huge desire of ours.  We both brought things before the Lord and laid it all before Him.  “Whatever the cost!” is part of our mantra… and as with all costs we’ve paid so far, we gave in to the Holy Spirit and allowed Him to take the burden from us as we laid things at the feet of Jesus.


There was a 5 day window between my surgery recovery and starting chemo and we decided to take a chance and “try”.  We got very excited and very hopeful, praying constantly asking God to be gracious to us and allow us to have a child.  You can imagine our disappointment when we got 2 negative results on pregnancy tests over the next few weeks.

We reached the point of FAITH TESTING.  I almost got to the point of despair… “we’ll never have kids, the chemo will mess with my fertility and we’ll not be able to”.  But I felt convicted of my lack of faith.

I can trust God to provide money, to move in our ministry, to bless us materially…. why can’t I trust Him to guard our fertility?

Time to trust God and pray.  This situation is no different to any other faith test I’ve walked through.  Why wallow in despair when we serve a God who all through the Bible opens barren wombs and protects those He loves from calamity?  So we decided to pray…

God, we trust you!  This will all happen in your timing and in your way. 

There has been extra emotional turmoil along the way as we walk with other friends of ours.  Some, got pregnant and we rejoiced in the midst of our grieving.  Others are struggling to conceive and we joined them in their pain.  Others are grieving miscarriage and our hearts break with them.

Just before Christmas Monica wasn’t feel well.  I was standing in the kitchen cooking when she walked through from the bathroom with a puzzled look on her face… she sat a pregnancy test on the counter that seemed to be POSITIVE??  NO WAY?!?

But where we would normally have been thrilled… we were terrified.  What if something goes wrong?  I don’t know if we can deal with a miscarriage on top of coping with cancer.  We can’t tell anyone… it’ll be hard enough dealing with it without worrying about everyone else’s response. And so we kept our mouths shut. (*lack of faith*).  We decided we wouldn’t mention anything until we hit the 9 or 10 week point so we could be more certain that things we ok.

Last week was TOUGH!  We were estimating 7 weeks… and Mon came in to tell me she was experiencing spotting and cramping.  She looked online and all her symptoms were similar to miscarriage, so she phoned the doctor… who made her an appointment at the Early Pregnancy Clinic at the hospital… things didn’t look good.

That was Wednesday.

We went in to the hospital in the morning, extremely nervous but once again holding fast to the Truth… God is on the Throne and His will is best whether we understand it in the moment or not.  God is on the Throne whether the result is good or bad.

*pointing* that there is the heartbeat… you’re around 10 weeks pregnant




Needless to say there were tears shed.

We are excited and in shock.  We are a mix of emotions as we continue to process the emotional ups and downs of the last few months.  We are rejoicing with our newly pregnant friends but feel an even greater burden of pain (and hope) as we grieve with our friends who are also struggling through similar things.

We are truly amazed at God in this.  We had a 5 day window from Mon coming off birth control to me starting chemo… and He has intervened to make those 5 days enough.

In the midst of this the dark season He’s placed a light reminding us that He is the Light and the Life. 

Once again, God moves in a seemingly impossible situation to blow our narrow minds open and to show how much bigger He is than the apparent storms we face.

We now have one more feather in the cap of God’s faithful love and abundant blessings.




1. Sharon O - 15th January, 2012

Yes to HIM be the Glory… that would be a good name if it is a girl, Glory Grace. (smiling) picking out names is always a challenge and SO fun… congratulations.

Keith in Nevada - 17th January, 2012

Glory Burns? Hmm I suppose if you get too close it does!

Sorry – couldn’t resist! It’s great news, there’s no denying.


Scotty - 17th January, 2012

haha. Yeh, is that what the shekinah presence was? Glory Burns? Don’t think it would fly over here

2. Allan Mounce - 15th January, 2012

Congratulations guys, it’s not the easiest position in the world to be in knowing the adverse affects of chemo & the desire to have a family – the “options” as described aren’t exactly pleasant either! (as much as i’d love to say i didn’t feel absolutely out of my depth there i’m sure anyone reading will understand the embarassment associated – now times that by 100 and you’ve got the feeling of a single man sitting there!)

Miracles happen, you’re the theologian so it’s your domain to find answers in them & the reasons, but God doesn’t need to have any reasons to provide answers to riddles, sometimes he just….knows! There’s not many people in the world who are strong enough to cope with what you’ve BOTH been through and still retain a sunny outlook (having read through my FB posts from the time i know by the end my mood was decidedly more “cloudy sunshine” than yours) – God willing that’ll transfer to your child and who knows, maybe the first of several! Either way it goes, you’ll make a cracking Dad, i’m sure Monica will be a great Mum/Mom (whichever she prefers) – and speaking from the awesome perspective of a “PK” it’s actually quite an adventurous upbringing.

Keep in there & well, might i suggest a change of subject headings for the blogs from here on out with the thought atleast if Monica does suffer from morning sickness you can be fully sympathetic having spent time speaking into the big ceramic telephone! only there’s less anti-emetic remedies for pregnant women i’m given to understand!

3. Milo Curtis - 16th January, 2012

We are SO thrilled for you guys! Kid’s are precious and a tremendous gift, let alone under these circumstances. Can’t wait to see how God leads you forward and into this next phase as a family.

Scotty - 16th January, 2012

Next time I’m back visiting… there’ll be a mini-me. Can’t wait to introduce the little one to the GC staff!

4. Haley - 16th January, 2012

Congratulations! That is a true blessing 🙂 I wish you both the best, and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Scotty - 16th January, 2012


5. Alison Roth - 16th January, 2012

Congrats, Scott… God is the reason that we have so many, and what a blessing. Every child we have encountered, despite ridicule and hardship from others (for as many as we have) has brought us ever closer to God in such an amazing and unforgettable way. When I became a parent, I started to understand God’s love (and discipline) for us, His children. All love, hope, and prayers for both of you! 🙂

Scotty - 16th January, 2012

That’s one thing I can’t wait for… how being a parent will open so many other parts of Scripture too me that I’ve not had the life experience to grasp fully. We’re terrified in the good way… knowing that we can’t be effective parents without the Holy Spirit’s guidance… and that we’ll mess up along the way and God will do His thing to repair the damage… but I CAN’T WAIT! It’s all soooooo exciting! Thanks for praying!!!!

6. Jill Galbraith - 16th January, 2012

I’m SO happy for you and Mon, congratulations!! I will be praying for you as yóu go through this last round of top up injections. Keep us posted of how Mon is doing. To Him be the glory! Xx

Scotty - 16th January, 2012

Can’t believe I’m almost done! ONE MORE TO GO! And yeh, I think the coming weeks we’ll have lots of blogs with pics of Mon and “Bump”.

7. Andrea - 16th January, 2012

Congratulations!!! To Him be the Glory, FOREVER. Wishing you happiness always. God is good and for us always. So happy for you both!

8. tracey - 16th January, 2012

Congratulations to both of you. I am a work friend of your mums Scott and have followed your blog for some time and the two of you are truly inspirational and I will keep you both in my prayers along with baby burns.

Scotty - 16th January, 2012

Hey Tracey, I recognised the name when I saw it. 🙂 Thanks for following along in the journey and for all your prayers. It means so much.

9. Jamie Duclos - 16th January, 2012

Thanks for posting this wonderful story of God’s faithfulness and congratulations you two!!

Scotty - 16th January, 2012

Thanks Jamie! How are you and Chris doing?

10. julie mccorkell - 16th January, 2012

Couldn’t write much last night because I felt so emotional at your amazing news. Haven’t we got an AWESOME God? I’ll keep you and Monica and baby Burns in my prayers for a safe, happy pregnancy for all three of you. Thankyou for sharing your life with us these last three months, it’s been very uplifting and sobering as we’ve watched you live out your promise to God, you are a lesson to me. God’s richest blessings on you all. Julie

Scotty - 16th January, 2012

Hey Julie,
thanks for taking the time to write this. It’s all been so surreal. There is so much has just happened in such a short amount of time that it hardly feels real. I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience… watching someone else inside my own body living all this out. I know “me”… or I thought I did… that selfish control-freakish sin machine… but how humbling it is to see how much transforming work God has done. The heart of stone is a heart of flesh. And while I’m SO FAR OFF the end goal, it’s unbelievably encouraging to have other people be God’s instruments to point out how much work He’s done.

Thanks for encouraging me and for all your prayers.

julie mccorkell - 17th January, 2012

The words, ‘refine me like gold’ are great in a song but oh the reality. Your strength and faith put me to shame. To God be the glory.

11. 'Mira - 16th January, 2012

Congrats again guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing/praying for you three! ;0)

12. Layne - 16th January, 2012

Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, MY!!!
So amazing. So exciting. Tears streaming. Rejoicing.
Love and many prayers for you all.
xo Momma Layne

13. ruth grant - 16th January, 2012

Congratulations! Our God is faithful! What an awesome God!

Scotty - 17th January, 2012

Thanks for the ongoing encouragement! He is awesome indeed.

14. Jen McCourt - 16th January, 2012

We are so excited for you guys!! What an incredible picture of God’s care for you and Monica – down to the intimate details. We continue to pray for you both – your health and whatever God has next and how He wants to use this season of your lives. We love you and celebrate with you!! Jen

15. mekana1279 - 16th January, 2012

All I can say is God never ceases to amaze his children! I am so happy for both of you and know you are in my prayers!

16. Carys - 18th January, 2012

Hello. I’m a good friend of Jill Gilbraith. We at Rock On (which is now run by Jill!) have been praying for you. And when we heard the news last night that your wife was pregant, I did a massive fist pump and a happy dance, and yelled, “God is AWESOME.” I sure know how to party. 🙂

God be with you!

17. jumathis - 19th January, 2012

Thank you for being so open in your sharing. *tears of joy with you* Hallelujah! So happy for the both of you!! Please tell Monica hello from me.
Will be praying that everything continues to go well. ❤

18. Jack Leitch - 19th January, 2012

Matthew 28:20 – “…surely I am with you always”. Jesus proves once again He is not just for Christmas. I am just so delighted for you both. God bless.

19. Clare O'Sullivan - 23rd January, 2012

Hi Scott,

I am a friend of some of your Re:Hope-ers and have been following your blog for a while. Beth Duncan shared this entry on facebook and I’ve just read the full story here. I’m still crying! The faith of you and your wife is incredibly inspiring. I am OVERJOYED at how God has blessed His servants. How is it possible that He loves us so much..? Thank you for your honesty in your suffering and for the love of the Lord that shines out of every word you write. “Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” I will be praying for you and your soon-to-be-a-bit-bigger wee family in the coming months.


20. Jennifer Lilly - 12th February, 2012

praise the LORD for your faith… Jeremiah 29:11-14
Congrats. Monica

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