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Straightforward: Day 36 30th December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 14 (Cycle 2)

Today was a pretty straight forward day.  I went in as normal for my blood tests… which went without a hitch.  I met with the doctor… which went fine.  I went home and hung out and was back at the hospital an hour later receiving my top-up injection.

I assume from the fact they prescribed my chemo and they didn’t send me home with more G-CSF syringes… that my white blood count levels were ok.  So glad I don’t have to deal with the tummy jags this week.

The rest of the day was simple.  A good friend came to visit.  Helped a friend with sermon-processing.  Watched a DVD.

Like I said… a fairly straightforward day.  A wee bitty “off” feeling as a result of the injection but it’s nothing really to write home about!  And now… being tired out… I’m ready for a good sleep!



1. Sue Swihart Bastiani - 2nd January, 2012

Good to have a pretty straight forward day after all the mini & major surprises & experiences you’ve had the past few months. Somebody must be praying…:) God’s Grace….love from Oregon

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