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What a nice day!: Day 34 28th December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 12 (Cycle 2)

Well, last night was GREAT!  I went to bed about midnight and got a full night’s sleep!  I was so excited to wake up with that “I slept” feeling.  I ate a bit of chocolate which tasted like chocolate… VICTORY!  (That’s the last sign that my tastebuds are back to normal).

I got my injection, took my pain killers and have had a pretty pain free day!  A couple of friends came to visit… I even ventured out to the cinema after dinner… (I’m such a brave big boy!?!)  I am a little confused today though.  Somehow in the last 24hrs I’ve managed to lose two packets of throat lozenges… I have absolutely no idea where they went?!?  I found one ready to take the the cinema and by the time I got there I couldn’t find them… and that was the new pack that I’d just dug out my bag to replace the one I was using yesterday that disappeared this morning.  LoL.

As I’m sitting here about to go to bed and thinking about tomorrow being Thursday… I can’t believe that I’m a week away from my last chemo cycle beginning?!  This time next week I’ll be packing my bag ready to go into hospital for my final 4 day stint.

We’re almost done!



1. Nicola - 28th December, 2011

Woohoo……you are indeed!!:) Praise the Lord! xx

2. Sharon O - 29th December, 2011

If dementia is the worst problem you have consider yourself lucky :o) memory issues come with age.

3. Ruth Grant - 29th December, 2011

You are nearly there! So glad you had a good nights sleep.
I know you will be an inspiration to others who are facing a similar situation. Praying for you! x

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