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OOOOOUCH: Day 32 26th December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 10 (Cycle 2)

*grits teeth*  I HURT!

A week ago the nurse explained the GCSF injections to me that Im taking to boost my immune system.  She told me how they cause stimulation of the bone marrow making it “sponge” which “can cause discomfort and bone ache”.  She explained the different painkillers I could take and advised that I take them when I feel any pain.  “It can get quite bad… it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a grown man crying on the phone asking how to relieve the pain”.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I wasn’t worried about crying down the phone but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to experience the severe pain.  And so far I haven’t… just the feels-like-I’ve-been-on-my-feet-all-day thing.

Well… right now… I hurt! A LOT!

A couple of hours ago I started to hurt a little so took some painkillers.  I wasn’t feeling 100% right so I went for a warm bath to soak.  But in the last hour or so the pain has come on really strongly so that my lower back and hips are AGONY!  It’s a constant pulsing pain that almost makes my legs spasm.  I can’t sit upright…that hurts to much so right now I’m lying down with pillow under my back to help.  I just went to take some stronger pain killers so hopefully they’ll do some good shortly otherwise I’m in for a very unpleasant night.

This whole process is giving me so much sympathy/empathy for people who deal regularly with health issues.  I have always been pretty healthy and other than an random injury or cold/bug.  I’ve had friends go through chemo, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Chronic Back Pains, MS, arthritis and a whole host of other ailments, but I had no idea just how hard it must be for them to live with those daily struggles.  I have a new amount of love and respect for them and my heart breaks as I think of what they have to suffer.

May I never again take my health for granted or roll my eyes to myself when I feel like I’m hearing a person’s same complaint for the 100th time.

Change my heart O Lord.



1. Sharon O - 27th December, 2011

praying and hoping this is a short term issue for you.

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