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Merry Christmas & HALF WAY THERE!!!: Day 31 25th December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 9 (Cycle 2)

I’m sitting in bed trying to fight sleep long enough to write a wee something to mark two very special milestones.

Milestone 1 – It’s Christmas…

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope you had an enjoyable day.  Today was an interesting Christmas.  We went and spent the morning opening presents with my family (one of the gifts Santa put in my stocking being a nice Santa HAT to suit the ocassion).  We spent most of the day with my extra awesome little friend, JP which was a real joy.  And then popped to my uncles at the tail end of family Christmas Dinner to see everyone before heading home.  I am… exhausted.  Today was a long, but enjoyable day.

Milestone 2 – We’re halfway!

Today is Day 31 of my 62 days chemo cycle.  There was “nothing to write home about” with regards to today, but as I ready myself to drift off to sleep there is a certain “lightness” that comes from knowing there is less chemo behind me than ahead of me.  We’re halfway to being done… and that feels good to know.  I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks already since my initial appointment.  Time flies… sometimes even when you’re NOT having fun.  LoL.

Merry Christmas Peeps!



1. Allan Mounce - 25th December, 2011

haha awesome work man – you’ll be done quicker than you know, probably with a few more rough days thrown in there, but the sight of the end will pull you through those.

After that it’s just waiting for the “will it be a ginger perm” lottery!

2. Jill Galbraith - 26th December, 2011

Glad you had a good day Scotty 🙂 and that you’re feeling slightly less achy. All my love to you and Mon and I hope the next few days are nice and relaxing after the business of today (well yesterday…) Xx

3. Sue Swihart Bastiani - 26th December, 2011

Aye! And aren’t you the handsome Santa dude in your new hat! Glad you had a great if exhausting time…that means the stuff is working cause the cancer cells feel worse than you do! YAY!
Peace and rest to you and Monica, Joy in the morning…and Glorious Blessings from the knowledge you have in Jesus Christ!
Sue & Bob @Seaside!

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