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Today… I’m sore! Day 29 23rd December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 7 (Cycle 2)


Ok, so today is I think officially my first “sore” day.

Last night was another tough-sleeper. I think I got about 2.5hrs sleep. For the last few nights I’ve gone to bed to dream a different recurring dream each night that wakes me about the same point, and which I get “stuck” at and so haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve also had a hard time getting comfortable. I’m not dealing with sickness or acid-reflux like before, but the whole windy bloated thing leaves my stomach and abs all feeling swollen and when I roll over puts pressure on my insides on a way that is uncomfortable. I think I bit the bullet at about 4.30am and went and ate cereal, and then about 5.15am I was in the kitchen painting picture frames for our hallway project.

When it was late enough to call it “day”, I got up, showered and had Mon give me my white-blood-enhancing drugs… the ones that cause the marrow to swell and the bone aches… well, today they’re working. Again, it’s not a SORE pain, just a dull ache like I’ve been standing on my feet all day. I went in to get my bloods done for my top-up, and got my top-up jag in record time. That’s the one with the flu-like symptoms… so right now I’m a wee bit shivery and have some ache-age going on about my ribs. I’ve developed a “productive cough” which starts as a tickle in the back of my throat but then brings up lots of lovely phlegm which I need to get rid of, and the chemo drugs are playing around with my mouth (oral hygiene is remarkably important during chemo) and my gums are sensitive and a bit raw, and I think the combination of the -i’m-very-tired-shivery-white-blood-bone-ache-top-up-flu-symtoms-sore-gums-bloated-windy-sore-ribs-from-coughing… has given my a nice combination of aches today! (I think it’s my ribs that are the worst part… because I can’t seem to sit in a way that doesn’t aggravate it somehow. Or maybe the gums?)

Now, I don’t want to say all that like I’m just having a moan. In general, I’m doing ok. I’m definitely tired. And I’m feeling under the weather, but I’m also looking forward to Christmas which has crept up.

We rented a car today so that we can get down to my family and make a hasty get-away to get to the peace and quiet of our own flat to recover. Mon’s excited since this is the first time she’s been insured to drive in the UK, so she’s off at the supermarket picking up things and enjoying the mobility. We’re hoping to get away on a couple short trips to places nearby to break the monotony of being stuck at home.

Hopefully it’s all uphill from here until my FINAL cycle of chemo in January.



1. Sharon O - 23rd December, 2011

what a journey, I am sure it will all be worth it in the big picture. hang in there.

2. Megan Lowmaster - 23rd December, 2011

Keep soldiering on Scott! I pray for you daily my brother

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