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Sleepless Nights: Day 27 21st December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 5 (Cycle 2)

Last night was an uncomfortably long night.

To my saving grace, I didn’t have to wrestle with all the acid reflux like I did this time last cycle (for which I’m EXTREMELY grateful).  But last night, I simply could not sleep.

But about 8pm I was exhausted and struggling to stay awake.  By 10pm I was wide awake and struggling to get to sleep.  I managed at several points to go to sleep for 30-40 mins, sometimes as much as an hour, but usually I’d have to get up to go to the toilet.

At one point, in the middle of my longest sleep, a burglar alarm went off somewhere on our street.  I was sooooo annoyed!  It woke me with a start and there was no hope of getting back to sleep with it blaring away outside.

So, now I’m up and around the house, but I’m very tired!  I feel fatigued but if I lie down and put my feet up I don’t really feel like sleeping.  Hopefully this will pass today and I’ll get a normal night’s sleep tonight.

Fun times?!



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