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I don’t like day 4s: Day 26 20th December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

Day 4 (Cycle 2)

So, officially, I don’t like Day 4 of my cycle!  Last cycle I had terrible acid reflux all night and sat in bed (or on the couch) thinking… “how on earth will I get through the next 60 days?!”

Well, whilst last night was nowhere near as bad as the first time, I did wake up every 30 mins all night, needing a sip of juice, or to blow my nose, or to use the toilet.  All the while feeling bloated and lethargic.

Even as I sit here, I have some strange feelings going on… I feel like I need to go out on a very long walk; I feel like I need to curl up on the couch and go to sleep; I feel like I need another shower this morning to get rid of the hospital smells; I feel like I need to eat; but I feel bloated.

Day 4s are not my favourite.  It’ll pass though, and I’ll start to feel a bit better.

I’m not looking forward to the end of the week.

My immune system has not responded very well to the chemo and as I mentioned before, my white blood count has been going extremely low.  In order to counteract that, and to ensure my treatment goes ahead as planned, I’ve been given a course of injections to take that will boost my immune system.

I don’t fancy jagging myself, so Mon has volunteered to do it for me.  The jags go into my stomach and they activate my bone marrow, especially in my thighs and pelvis.  The marrow will “sponge” as it increases it’s white blood cell production, but that sponging will most likely cause lots of bone aches for the 2 week duration of the injections.  Not something I’m excited about, but another necessary part of getting better!

Another strange thing just now, my eyes are blurry.  They mentioned this can happen, partly the drugs, partly the fatigue, but I need to wear my glasses a lot more than normal.  Hopefully that will pass and adjust back to normal soon.



1. Sue@Seaside - 20th December, 2011

THANK YOU, Scottie, for sharing these details…It helps to know how to pray but it also helps to know what having cancer is really like! It’s all pretty surreal I bet…hard to wrap your mind around. I mentioned before I have a few friends fighting it right now and it’s no fun, but also I’m not sure if it’s as bad as they thought it might be. (No huggin the white throne all night on the floor etc.) I’m certain it’s no fun, but perhaps not as bad as it used to be because of all the research that’s been done finding the best drugs for you. Hope you’re feeling MUCH MUCH better SOON SOON! BLESS you both each day, with a special gift from God… Love Susie, back in Seaside!

2. Julie McCorkell - 20th December, 2011

Hang in there Scott, it must be lousy but it’s already working. Praying for you.

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