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Hospital Date Nights & Super Sleepy: Day 24 18th December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.


Day 2 (Cycle 2)

Mon came over to spent the evening with me right as dinner was being brought around. It was a very pleasant chicken curry and when the realised Mon was there they brought her one too! So we had an impromptu dinner date sitting in my hospital room.

We finished off dinner with pineapple chunks which my mum had brought up earlier in the day. Yummy.

It was another pleasanter night. There was no sickness. I have had hiccups on and off (grr…) and that’s even with my 3 doses on anti-hiccup meds daily.

The most eventful part of the night was when they switched to my last post-hydration bags. It hurt. The back f my hand was stinging so the nurse quickly stopped the drip. When she checked the back of my hand, the cannula had slipped out of the vein so the fluid was going into the back of my hand instead. She quickly fixed it though, removing the cannula an fitting a different one in my other hand.

Since waking today I’ve been extremely tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open! Every time I sit down I drift off to sleep so that just now I’m trying hard to stay awake or else i won’t sleep at all tonight. 😦

I do have another feeling going on… On the lead up to meal time when I start to feel hungry I also feel nauseous. The food hand come quick enough!
So weird!



1. Nae's Nest - 18th December, 2011

I am cheering for you. I am in the background silently callng your name. You can do this!

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