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Christmas Trees & Super Quick Chemo Jags: Day 8 2nd December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer.

We wanted to make the most of my “I feel good few days” and so last night, early thought it is… we put up our Christmas tree!

Today I went in for my first dose of out-patient chemo.  It’s the third of the drug combo and one that I haven’t had yet.  Not knowing how it would be or how my body might respond we decided “let’s do the tree now while you feel good and we can enjoy doing it”.  So that made last night pleasant.

We moved into this flat Dec 10th last year and with all the craziness of moving and getting unpacked we decided not to bother with a tree (plus we didn’t want the extra expense of tree and decorations).  But this year we had fun picking out the (artificial) tree we wanted, and we think it looks AWESOME!  It was a BARGAIN!  It’s fun having the place feel Christmassy.  🙂

Today’s chemo was interesting.  My appointment was at 9am.  Went in and the nurse took bloods to check all my blood levels and tumour markers, etc.  Then it’s a waiting game until the bloods come back and the chemo is prescribed and administered.  Fortunately, we live within a 5 minute walk of the hospital and so after my bloods were taken and the doctor chatted with me, they sent me home to “wait comfortably”.

There was an added bonus in that: we do our team breakfast at our flat every other Friday and we’d chosen not to let a wee hospital visit spoil it for everyone so opted to have it anyway.  I love hanging with our team for breakfast so it was great when they told me I could head home and I realised all the team would be there to see my fun hair.  We hung out, laughed and prayed… that’s what good teams do together, isn’t it!?  (Fun nostalgic moment too:  When I met Brian those 7 years ago I was shaved headed and extra trendy… so we had a laugh about the good ‘ol days)

About 12.30 they called to say the bloods were in and the chemo was being prescribed.  Around 2.30pm they phoned and said “come on over”.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I went in, lay down on the bed.  She jagged (translation: injected) my bum cheek.  And then sent me home.  I was there for about 3 minutes!  NICE!

And now it’s back to “waiting to see”.  They said 4-6 hrs after the injection it can feel like you’re starting to come down with the flu.  If it does, it shouldn’t last more than 48hrs.

I guess we’ll see!  At least if I feel bad, I can sit and smile at our Christmas tree.  🙂



1. Kathy Strickland - 2nd December, 2011

Just prayed for you Scotty and then had the pleasure of seeing your post and beautiful tree. You and Monica did a great job decorating. Glad this last chemo was a quick one and hopefully no side effects. Please tell Monica hello for me and I continue to keep you both in my prayers.

HIS kid,


2. Reid & Sarah Partlow - 2nd December, 2011


Congrats on making it through the first week. Sarah and I are praying for you daily. May the Lord continue to be with you every minute of this trial, giving you both physical and emotional strength and healing.


3. Peter bond - 4th December, 2011

Hi Scott;

I bumped into ur mum and Hugh and couldn’t believe the news when they told me! I think u are so brave to talk about ur situation so openly. Laughter is the key to good health and u have plenty of humour 🙂
this is God testing ur loyalty to him and we all know u are loyal to our lord. You will beat this and although I havnt seen you for sometime I want you to know I’m thinking of you and I love you and your family with all my heart.

Never give up

Scotty - 4th December, 2011

Hey bro. Hope you’re doing well. It’s been a crazy month for sure but we’re coping well with it. We love you too man. You should come visit some time!

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