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HAIR: Day 7 1st December, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer, Life, Me, Pain.

Yesterday was a long day.  I woke at 6am unable to stay in bed any longer and then kept busy all day.  We went and got our Christmas decorations in the morning, had a friend over for lunch then two Bible Reading Groups in the afternoon evening and it was 10-11pm by the time I got to bed.  I was… EXHAUSTED.

So… I was very excited when I woke up this morning aware that last night… I SLEPT!  I woke up and Mon looked over at me asking “What’s the silly smile for?”… “I slept” was my reply.  It wasn’t completely uninterrupted sleep… there were a couple of times I had to get up for a wee drink of something but mostly I slept… FLAT… all night.  I felt so good this morning.

(Tomorrow I’m in hospital 9am-12 for my first out-patient day of chemo.  We’ll see how that goes and how I’m feeling tomorrow afternoon)

Today was hair prep day!  Like I mentioned already, I figured that if I was going to lose my hair, I may as well do something fun and crazy in the process.  So… I’m just back from the hair-dressers.  I found a new-ish place in Partick (right where Byres Rd meets Dumbarton Rd) – I’ll need to find the name.  The place is owned by two Turkish guys who are awesome.

Feeling sorry for myself, I allowed them to do the full face massage, shave, trim and hair cut.  Those guys rock… I might be permanently changing barbers.

My hair should fall out in a week to two week.  So in the meantime… check this out…




1. Karen Reedall - 1st December, 2011

A true Celtic Warrior….

Scotty - 2nd December, 2011


2. Austin Charles Kopack - 1st December, 2011

That’s a man’s haircut!

Scotty - 2nd December, 2011


3. Mairi Galbraith - 1st December, 2011

looks like a musical stave!

Scotty - 2nd December, 2011

A few people have said that…. An the guy had no idea I’m musical. Fun

4. Craig The Cool - 1st December, 2011

Good job it’s not the summer. If you go out in the sun the white lines will darken, then when the rest comes out you will be left with tan lines in that shape…lol

Scotty - 2nd December, 2011

Now that would be awesome! I should try that next time I plan to be in a hot climate! That’s definitely getting your money’s worth out a hair cut. Hmmm… Head tattoo… That would be fun!

5. Nicola - 1st December, 2011

Cool! 🙂

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