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Recovery: Day 6 30th November, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer, Life, Me, Pain.

So, yesterday was a slow day, mostly spent at home tired after an almost non-existent-sleep night on Monday night.  But overall, the day wasn’t too bad.  I ate lots of food and drank lots of fluid and had a couple of impromptu but deep naps.

On the advice of some friends, I phoned the Doc yesterday to get them to subscribe me some acid-reflux meds seeing as that was keeping me from sleeping.  They were more than happy too and a little surprised that I hadn’t already been given some since it’s a typical side-effect from the steroids.  So, armed with my new acid-reflux pills, a bottle of Gaviscon, and 10 pillows behind me so that I slept pretty much upright all night… I slept most of the way through the night.  I had to get up a couple of times to get a wee drink or use the toilet but for the most part I slept through from 12am-6am.  Small victory.

Yesterday was the last day on the steroids for this round and I have two days left on the anti-sickness meds, so hopefully I should see the side-effects start to drop off and normal sleeping/eating patterns return.

This week is head-shave week!  At some point between now and Friday I’m going to shave my head in prep for the whole hair fallout thing that’ll happen in a week or two.  I’m considering having a little bit of fun with it and getting some fun designed shave in.  Any excuse to do something a bit fun and crazy, eh?



1. Elton Pacheco - 30th November, 2011

Hi Scott,

I just stumbled over your blog. I’m so proud to see you fighting! My cousin in Brazil has cancer and she just started her chemio. She’s been struggling a lot, but I’m sure you both are going to get healthy and stronger than before. I know it may sound weird, because we don’t know each other, but I just wanted to send your way some love and good vibes.

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Thanks Elton,
I appreciate your kind words. Sorry I hear about your cousin, let her know that a stranger all the way over in Scotland is praying that her body fights hard with minimal upset from side effects. Holy Spirit strength and endurance being prayed her way.


2. Nicola - 30th November, 2011

Think a designer head shave is a neat idea bro….how about a dragon??? 🙂 xxx

3. Sharon O - 30th November, 2011

A design shave? oh my … will have to see that one.

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