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Chemo: Day 3-5 29th November, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Cancer, Challenges, Pain.

The third evening of chemo was in some ways a lot nicer that the first two. It was with great relief that I received the news from the nurse that my “chemo bag” would be started at 5-6am instead of running me with all the different bags all night which so far means no-sleep-lots-of-pee!

Sadly, it wasn’t quite to be the case. My easy night was a rough one! The anti-nausea drugs were doing their bit and keeping me from being sick, but now my oesophagus was burning with massive acid reflux as a result of the steroids. The nurses are amazing, however, and assured me that I was to buzz them at the tiniest bit of discomfort and they would try different anti-nausea meds etc. All through the night they brought me glasses on milk, plain sandwiches, Gaviscon (heart burn medication), and anti-sickness drugs.

But it didn’t work. Relief was temporary, and so I spent most of the night in and out of sleep dealing with the burn in my gut. Eventually I felt sick, called the nurse, but by the time she’d checked in on me and gone for the drugs my body purged my stomach of all the acid that had been burning away there. That was not pleasant… but the relief was great!

The nurse came back with some extra strong meds. The first one was just an anti-nausea drip, but the second knocked me out pretty good and allowed me to sleep through the last few hours until the chemo bag got started.

Treatment was over by 9am but I was done and out cold so I drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours. And then at about noon I was free to go, armed with my back of prescribed drugs, ready to head back home… my first session of chemo done!

It felt good to get home! First thing I noticed was the fresh air… and how much my clothes and body smelled like hospital and chemicals. Next thing to excite me was being able to access the fridge when I wanted to, although I wasn’t quite sure if I was up for it or not.

A quick shower and wash of some clothes and I was ready to dose peacefully on the couch.

Sunday-Monday was fairly uneventful. The doctors had warned me of fatigue but I think it feels more like jet lag! It’s that strange feeling of I-tired-but-don’t-want-to-sleep and I-awake-but-don’t-quite-feel-up-for-doing-too-much along with the most frustrating part I’m-hungry-but-my-body-doesn’t-feel-like-it’s-time-to-eat yet.

Fortunately, my wonderful wife made me a pot of my Granny’s secret recipe Lentil Soup which I was able to enjoy and feel better after.

Right now, though, it’s 2:55am. I’m in that acid reflux place again. I’ve drank all the milk trying to sooth it. I even ventured out and ate a plate of ice-cream but I can’t seem to settle it. I’ve taken my days fill of anti-nausea meds and so now all I can think to do is try and stay awake to red out the next few hours. If I lie down to sleep, my stomach really aggravates me and has me up and down looking for relief. At least sitting up and doing something somewhat distracts me from it so that’s what I’m opting for just now.

Early yesterday evening I was lying on the couch feeling tired, a bit bloated, and a little sick and all I could think was… Do I really have to go through this for another 55 days?  This is going to be rough!

By the time this coming weekend rolls around I have to be extra careful… the 7-12 days window is when my white blood cells will be at their lowest and my immune system weakest, so that’ll be hide-out-of-the-way time!  I have a one more day of steroids and two more days of anti-nausea pills and hopefully from there I should be able to sleep a bit better.

Join me in praying for that!

To Him be the glory,

Whatever the cost!



1. Sharon O - 29th November, 2011

Hang in there, you are going to be ok. I know it is rough. God is with you…

Scotty - 29th November, 2011

He sure is! 🙂

2. Kathy Strickland - 29th November, 2011

Praying for you every day Scotty, and hope that you feel our Heavenly Father’s arms around you at this difficult time. Praying for comfort and peace for both you and Monica.

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Thanks Kathy!
It is such a surreal thing knowing so many people are praying for us. We feel so blessed and supported but also so unworthy!

Thank go journeying with us!

3. Bob - 29th November, 2011

Continuing prayer for you, man. For resilience. For strength. For sleep. For that sweet Peace that passes all understanding. 🙂

Scotty - 29th November, 2011

Thanks Bob, much much appreciated.

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Thanks Bob, those prayers were definitely at work in me last night!

4. Dan - 29th November, 2011

You’re tough bro! So proud of you for staying strong and pushing through this. What can I bring you back from the states to settle that stomach?

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Hey dude. You having fun? How was time with Pete and Sarah and the kids. If you’re still with them pass on our love.

What can you bring back? Hmmm… How about a Dan, Sarah, Hazel and Bump?

Dan - 4th December, 2011

I can manage that 🙂 We’re having fun but it’s been a bit exhausting. Looking forward to being back!

5. Mairi Galbraith - 29th November, 2011

still praying for you both. Never underestimate the power of lentil soup!

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Thanks Mairi. And yes, there’s something magic about Lentil soup. My grand recipe is the best ever. I made Mon go and learn it from her last year so now she fixes me up with it when I need it!


6. Jamie - 29th November, 2011

Hey Scott! We just had another cancer lecture this morning and I was thinking about you the whole time. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! I’m praying for you and Monica, ok?

Just one little “nurse” tip: When you have heartburn, drinking milk or eating milk products like ice cream will actually make it worse. It totally sucks but eating plain, bland food might help more. (I promise, that’s the last time I bug you with “advice”)

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Haha. That’s what I don’t want to hear! It feels so good in the moment!! Weirdly though, the milk helped more than normal water which flared me up big time… In guessing something to do with one the chemicals in our water here no doubt.

Thanks for the care and concern, I did the sensible thing and got anti-reflux stuff from the doc which made last night more bearable. Keep the helpful tips coming.

An thanks for the love and thoughts

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