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Chemo: Day 1 25th November, 2011

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First Day of chemo – check!

Not the most fun day ever, but definitely not the worst by a long shot.

7.15am – snooze my alarm at home (who wants to get up early when you can sleep late just before a weekend in hospital?!)

8am – more snooze!!!!

8.15am – repeat as above. Haha.

8.30am – up, showered, dressed and packed and off to the hospital

9.30am – arrive at the hospital but can’t find the reception I want 3 times but get there eventually.

9.45am – bloods taken for monitoring kidneys, tumour markers and immune system

10am – up to the ward to wait in the day room until a bed is ready

11amhotel suite hospital bed ready… I get my own room complete with en suite, aeroplane seat back style tv and a nice view of the courtyard. Score!

And then the waiting begins!!

noon ish – time for chest CT scan to complete “staging” report. Will get the results hopefully before Sunday. The porter came to get me and they let me walk down instead of being pushed (walkin means I didnt have to wait on a porter coming back to get me, I could head back to the ward as soon as I was done. Good call nurses!). Last time I had the CT i was wrapped up on a bed and wheeled around. Which do I prefer? Hmmm… šŸ˜‰

As soon as that was done I head back to the ward. When I arrived at the door the clerk said “you’re next set of tests is now, and there back down where you just came from, so if you’re confident with the way there you can just turn and head back! So… I about-turned! (as I walked out the door a nurse quickly grabbed my lunch order so I wouldn’t miss food. “Good thinking bat woman!”)

12.30ish a-CT-Scan-and-short-walk-twice past noonish – I went for my PFTs (pulmonary function tests) to check the condition of my lungs. The exercises were a breeze (slight PUN intended). Although I’m sure Mr-Lung-Tester is not use to having brass players in there because the difficult tests were not a problem… It was basically blowing against a mouthpiece with a mute in! Wonderful news… I passed! I can officially breathe! *grin*

1ish maybe – back up to the ward to wait. And eat!!! (the food here is gooood). Then thoroughly enjoyed sitting reading, with the wonderful staff stopping in for a giggle and bringing me tea and coffee and tea-biscuits… As well as this hot blonde who stopped by for a bit and gave me a kiss (and yea, I mean Monica).


at some point the doctor came by to fill me in on the treatment details, side effects, when to expect the hair to fall out (at the 3 week point. Now don’t tell Monica… But the whole time we’ve been together she’s not allowed me to shave my head, which I like to do around January… And so, sadly for her, I should probably shave it before it all falls out. Prison break Scotty coming soon!) and all that sort of good stuff. and somewhere in here too, the nurse came in to put the needle in my hand for the drip later.

6pm – dinner… Yummy chicken in a creamy sauce with creamy mashed potatoes and… Rhubarb crumble with custard–oh yeah!!!!

6.50pm – my special and awesome nurse, Nicola, came by to chat for a bit and check I was doing ok (after she should already have left – above and beyond!)

7pm – pre-hydration began. They run water with a small amount to salt, potassium or magnesium through the blood to active the kidneys and get the bladder working so the system properly disposes of the chemo when we eventually get there. This is a weird feeling! The fluid going in is colder than your blood and so you can feel it running in your arm. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling, just something you’re aware of. My body is warm, my arm is warm, but there’s a cool sensation like running a trickle of cold water down your forearm. So pre-hydration takes at least 3hrs. One 500ml back of fluid approximately each hour. After all I’d drank that day my bladder was adequately functioning before the end of the first water bag!

10pm ish – anti-nausea meds are also put through the drip to help you’re body deal with te chemo meds. Simply put, the chemo meds kill all the fast reproducing cells in your body (without being able to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones) and so your body tries to purge it by making you sick. (also oh, and the fast reproducing cells are things like hair, blood cells, sperm, etc hence the hair fall out and the lowered immune system)

11pm – the actual chemotherapy drugs started. The first one is a 4hr drip of cisplatin (which has platinum in it which makes me feel a bit awesome like Wolverine!), followed by a 2hr drip of etoposide. This makes for a fun night, since with all the fluids going in you’re up and down visiting the toilet all night. All the urine has to be collected in bottles and to ensure your body is getting rid of enough of the fluid going in (else you’d swell up like a big ol’ water balloon!)

6am ish – chemo drug are finished and back on to the hydration fluids to flush out the chemotherapy drugs. Again, 3 bags, 1hr each.

7.30am – after lying for a while not sleeping but trying to, I was forced to get up… My body works well and doesn’t like things inside being killed… And started feeling nauseous. I lay and relaxed, reciting Scriptures to calm my body to see if it would pass, but it didn’t… So PUKE TIME! Not my favourite way to wake up but necessary. Threw up a couple of different times before they came round with breakfast (but I did not allow it to put me off eating!)

As I sit here writing I have less than 5mins left till my first treatment of chemo is over! My next round will take place this evening and the plan for the day is to just take it easy.

9.35am – haha, the machine is buzzing. The drip is finished. And though I still feel a little nauseous, I survived day one without much to complain about.

I’m on the road to recovery, the road will for sure have it’s ups and downs, but how boring life would be if they weren’t there.

All day and night, God was close. Again He demonstrates the Truth of His promises:

I’ll never leave you not forsake you!

All day and all night… I have been intensely aware of the literally (no exaggeration) 1000s of people who have informed us that they are praying for us! Doctors and nurses are amazed at how calm and joyful Mon and I are and we know that it’s the Fruit of those prayers being seen in our lives!

So there you have it! I survived my first day of chemo. I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated with the journey.

Thank you do much for all the notes of encouragement and the time and energy you’ve invested in praying for us! We feel so blessed!

To Him be the glory,

Whatever the cost!



1. elizabeth adair - 25th November, 2011

Glad it seems to be going ok for u!! As for the PFT’s that’s part of what I do for my job in Yorkhill. They are easy enough if you know what you are fit and know what you are doing!!

Praying for you- along with our whole church

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Thanks for the prayers. How are you? Please pass on my thanks to the church too!

elizabeth adair - 30th November, 2011

Will do!! U actually know Derek Anderson that goes to my church, he did all the I.T stuff for setting up the Ayr Ark. Everyone in my family asking for u too- good luck with the chemo xx

Scotty - 2nd December, 2011

Ah, yeh. That’s cool. What church are you at just now? Give my love to the fam?

2. Bob - 25th November, 2011

I’m walking with you in prayer.
Every blessing to you and Monica.

3. Sharon O - 25th November, 2011

wow… what a journey. hope it goes well for you know that we are praying. (Larry had a biopsy today results are coming in 3-5 days.)

4. 'Mira - 26th November, 2011

Wow, that was a heck of a day! Glad that you are in the right frame of mind & pray that God keeps you that way!
Praying for you guys & hope to see you soon!

Also, you are hilarious.
That is all.

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

I’m glad the joy and attempts to stay upbeat came through! šŸ™‚

5. Justingunter - 26th November, 2011

I love you Scott. I’m praying.

Scotty - 30th November, 2011

Thanks JG

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