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Father in Heaven? 6th October, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Art, Worship.

I enjoyed these words….

What does it mean that our Father is in heaven?

It means that there’s no one bigger than our Dad – our Dad rules

He flung the stars into speckled space

He fashioned the blazing sun and deep lagoons of cloud and cluster

He created the planets, the constellations, and the galaxies

He conceived the Milky Way, the Helix Nebula, and the Pleiades

He made bubbles and arcs, nebulae and auras

He paints supernovas in effervescent colours

And stellar jets of iridescent glory

He out-thinks the physicist

And he dazzles the theologian

He preoccupies the astronomer

And inspires the poet with abundant wonder

He is beyond the reach of the Hubble telescope

Or the probing range of any Orbiter

He is what Eistein called “The Superior Reasoning Power”

And the Bible calls “The anther of Heavenly Lights”

He is my Dad, and he is your Dad

Our Dad, who is in Heaven, the Third Heaven,

Who dwells in unapproachable light

And who will one day make his home with us, on this tiny dot that is Earth

Mark Stibbe
(I am Your Father, p119) 



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