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Is this really my life? 2nd August, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Calling, Life, Ministry, Support.

Is this really my life?

Every now and then I have a moment where I see my life through someone else’s eyes.  In the moment, I’m just living my life doing what I do, then all of a sudden I see things differently.

Right now, Mon and I are in the States, travelling up and down the West Coast speaking to churches and church groups, sharing about God’s work in Scotland, calling people to surrender their lives and pay the cost of discipleship, and all the way through seeing God move mightily, provide generously and sometimes miraculously.

A few days ago Mon and I had just got done speaking with a group of students where we exhorted them to take discipleship to the next level.  It was the fourth or fifth appointment of the day and we were tired but loving sharing our lives with them.

As we were driving home we were suddenly struck by this life we’re living.

Is this really my life?

I have an amazing wife.
I have an amazing team.
We live by faith, trusting God for our needs.
God moves other people to support us financially.
He moves the most unlikely people to lend us their possessions.
People invite us to speak at their churches.
He gives us unique opportunities to challenge and encourage people.
We’ve ministered in several countries and several States.
We’ve preached or shared in a different countries and to many churches
I even flew across the ocean to do a wedding.

But most exciting of all… God moves in people as we do all these things.

It doesn’t feel real!  Is this really my life?

This really is my life! 

If someone had described this to me 10 years ago I would have laughed.

I admired people who lived this kind of life.
I read biographies of those people.

Now we are those people.

What an exciting and humbling realisation.



1. Sharon O - 3rd August, 2011

You are so blessed and such a GREAT missionary. Keep up the good work, we pray for you.

2. Cierra Joy Wortman - 4th August, 2011

SO awesome! It is inspiring to know people that are actually doing what they love and were made for! God is so good!

Love you guys!
-Cierra & Jason Wortman

Scotty - 24th August, 2011

Thanks Cierra. It’s definitely made easier when we’re surrounded by so many awesome people. Speaking of awesome people, how are you and Jason?

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