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Our New Home 17th January, 2011

Posted by Scotty in Life.

If you haven’t already seen, about a week ago Mon posted about our new flat on her blog.  (Jump over there to see it).  We had decided to wait till things were a little more organized before posting pictures.  I don’t want to double up and post all the same stuff that she just posted so I thought I’d post pics of a couple of my favourite things about the flat, most of which are very typical of Glasgow Tennement housing:

1.  The Large Bay Window

We’ve not been able to get the full benefit of this yet.  The windows are single-glazing and so let out all the heat and let in plenty of cold.  We keep the curtains closed to keep the heat in, but during the spring and summer this will be AWESOME!

2.  The Feature Fireplace

We have experienced the benefit of this!  The fireplace runs on gas and so we’ve had it on a lot over the winter keeping us warm… especially during the sick weeks!  There is another identical fireplace in the master bedroom too… an odd but fun feature for a bedroom!

3.  The Stained Glass Archway

I use the term “archway” loosely… since it isn’t exactly an ARCH.  If you have a better term for it please let me know!  This is probably my favourite thing in the flat.  It makes me really glad that previous owners of the property have been careful to preserve the features.

4.  Crown Moulding

The ceilings are about 3.5m (about 11 feet high) and have some great features on them.  Originally there would have been some kind of chandelier suspended from the center but at some point it was removed.  The high ceilings make the rooms feel so big.

5.  Pulley-System Clothes Drying Rack

The kitchen has drying racks on a pulley system connected to the ceiling.  This is nice because we don’t have a dryer in the flat so we have to hang out clothes to dry.  Wish these racks you can dry your undies all the way up in the sky out of the view of guests!  (Noone thinks to look up?!?!)

We love the flat and are enjoying setting things up and “making it our own”.  The location is great, a few minutes walk from most of the team, 10mins walk to the church office, we have a series of small shops and a coffee shop 30 seconds across the street, and are right next to the High School and so will be able to get involved reaching out to the kids.

For the last month I have been chewing on the doxology in Ephesians 3:20-21

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever!  Amen”

In so many ways right now we are seeing this to be true:  God is doing far beyond what we’ve asked for and immeasurably more than we had imagined.  Thank you Lord!



1. Brian Coussens - 17th January, 2011

Just have to say: this is totally awesome, Scotty! BTW, I completely understand the window issues: my apartment bleeds heat. I finally have turned off the heater and carry around a space heater, hoping that will reduce the electric bill.

2. Sharon O - 17th January, 2011

What a wonderful home. God truly did provide an awesome place to make wonderful memories for both of you. I LOVE the stained glass and the old ‘feeling’ of the place. How Blessed are you!

3. Reid - 17th January, 2011


You have a stained glass single sidelite w/ stained glass transom. ; )


Scotty - 17th January, 2011

Well there you have it folks… from an expert! Thanks Reid!!!

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