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Favourite Christmas Present! 28th December, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Life.

So, I think these year one of my gifts gets the title of Favourite Christmas Gift so far (other than getting a fiancé two years ago, but that’s so far in the lead that it doesn’t even factor in!)

This gift was completely unexpected.  I was sitting in my Uncle’s house fine tuning some details of my sermon when I got a text saying “I’ve got you a Christmas present.  It’s second hand, but cost x-amount when it was new.  Guess what it is?!”.  I sat confused trying to work out what it could be.  The next text said “You don’t have one of your own, you really want one though”.  I was still puzzled.  After a couple of lame guesses I got a text to say Mark & his family were giving me their digital piano?!?!?!?

I got my first piano when I was 15 and played it pretty much non-stop until I left for the States.  While I was in Portland I really missed playing and only played if I went somewhere that had a piano.  I would disappear for hours and dink around.   Now that we’re back here we have people living above and below us so I didn’t think it was the best idea to bring up my old upright (which is pretty loud, never mind trying to lift it up all the flights of stairs) and so I put a digital piano on my mental wishlist, thinking that if we were lucky we might be able to save up and get one in three or four years.

But instead, God gave me one!  So… a big thank you Trevor, Janet, Lynsey, Gareth & Mark Jones for blessing me with such an amazing gift!  It has been played non-stop since it arrived.  I was half asleep last night but still determined to make it all the way through Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata!!  (It sure sounds better today when I’m alert enough to read the notes!)

This is another one of those moments where we had to stop and praise God for being the God Who Provides.  I think sometimes I get it in my head that when you follow God everything is rough.  You stick it out and endure and never experience His material blessings (Martyr Syndrome they call it).  What an amazing thing… God has given us a gift for our enjoyment… and it’s an extra blessing that we can use it to bring Him praise!

Since we got here, we’ve been blessed with an amazing flat, all the bedroom furniture we needed, pictures, mirrors, and other accents for the house.  Now, to top it off… we have my favourite piece of furniture in any house.  God is so good.

Thank you Jones’ for being His “instrument”.

Thank you Lord for blessing your kids.



1. Sharon O - 28th December, 2010

HOW AWESOME for you… so when is the song recorded for us to hear?
I am so happy for you. The corner where it sits is adorable and the flowers beatiful. take care,
I am so happy you were so blessed.

Scotty - 28th December, 2010

Thanks Sharon, I still can’t believe it. I sat most of the afternoon playing it. When I stopped, my friend Mark jumped on… now Mon’s sitting there. I wonder how many of hours of playing it can take before it wears out?? haha.

2. Sue Bastiani - 28th December, 2010

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your blessing with us…Can you do a video? Would love to hear you play! You Tube!! lol

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