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From one family to my other 29th October, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Family, Fun, Rest, Travel.

I thought I should introduce you to the awesome family we stayed with for the last two months… the Tatlocks.  It was a complete blessing getting to stay with Mike & Bern, Diana, the kids and Duke (the dog)!  Their hospitality was incredible.  This picture is going to be blown up big and hung on the wall of our Glasgow home!

Having left our Wilsonville family behind, we’ve spent the week in Irvine with my parents.  They decided that seeing as we hadn’t spent any one-on-one time with them in two years, that we’d head off for a few days and be alone.  It was fun to go away to the States as mum’s son, and come back as her friend.  We had a great time hanging out, spending time laughing and joking, and catching up with all that’s gone on over the last few years.

As a treat for Mon, they booked us into the Stonefield Castle Hotel thinking that it would be fun to spend the night in a castle.  It’s a beautiful place to stay.  The managers were extremely nice, the rooms comfortable, the food… delicious.  They also had a grand piano which I spent a couple of hours playing the first evening there.  (Click the pic to see more)

The plan was to take a drive further north and west, visiting some of our heritage along the way.  We wanted to introduce Mon to the history she is now part of, so we stopped in at Inverary Castle which is where the head of the Campbell Clan lives.  The Burns family is recognized as part of the Campbell clan.  The biggest rivalry existing in Scottish history is the rivalry between the Macdonalds and the Campbells (google the Glencoe Massacre).  It’s funny though, because my dad is the Burns and my mum’s maiden name… Macdonald.  So I’m one of the forbidden offspring!!  haha.  Welcome to Scotland Monica!!!

It’s been a fun few days resting and adjusting.  Looking forward to getting up to Glasgow, finding our new home, reconnecting with the team there and getting back into ministry!  Fun times.



1. Sharon O - 29th October, 2010

Beautiful pictures. Awesome old castle. Praying that you will settle quickly and get to work doing what you wanted to do.

Scotty - 29th October, 2010

Hey Sharon,
Can’t wait to get up to Glasgow and to be able to share stories of what God is doing there.

Thanks for the encouragement and prayers. We really appreciate them,


2. Sue Bastiani - 29th October, 2010

Oh my goodness…what a beautiful hotel! I guess it’s something like the Duck/Beaver rivalry? lol I always say I’m a platypus!

3. Sue Bastiani - 29th October, 2010

Your mum looks like so much fun…and your stepfather has that look in his eye…like he would be lots of fun too…:)

Scotty - 29th October, 2010

Haha. Yeh, they’re a lot of fun… and a lot of crazy! Our house is never short of laughter.

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