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It Arrived!!!! 21st October, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Challenges, CRM, Mission, Travel.

Finally, after all the waiting and plan-changing… the visa came!  So Mon and I are both flying out on Saturday morning!  I can’t believe we only have 1 day left here, it doesn’t feel real.

I’m exhausted.  I spent the day meeting with friends and saying goodbyes… that sure ain’t fun.  I just keep reminding myself that before we know it we’ll be back to visit.

This is one of those “Whatever the cost” seasons.  God has called us… He has made the path clear… the time is now… and the cost?  The cost is leaving behind friends and family, a church that we love, our first home, and most of our commonality.  We feel our hearts being torn as we say goodbye… but we know that God’s plan is the best thing for our lives.

As Mike Tatlock reminded me… we don’t have to grieve the loss of relationships… only the loss of frequency!  I’m glad the relationships don’t have to end.  And anywayz… now we get the joy of hosting them in the better land!

Whatever God wants | Whenever He wants it | Whatever the cost!!



1. Sue Bastiani - 22nd October, 2010

Lord, thank you so much for this answer to prayer! Now the adventure REALLY begins and we can’t wait to see it happening! 🙂

2. Keith Wood - 22nd October, 2010

Scott and Monica, Be blessed in Jesus’ name as you obey him yet again. May peace and confidence in our Lord cover you and reign in you hearts through faith. May His Word dwell richly in you and may you bless others as you go.

3. Sharon O - 22nd October, 2010

We will miss you but we know you will serve well in Scotland. Keep the posts coming.

4. Anthony Burton - 23rd October, 2010

It’s about time!

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