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Putting Your Life in Boxes 22nd August, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Life.

I don’t think the reality of the move to Scotland has set in yet… or perhaps with all the moving and traveling over the last 4 years it just feels old hat.  But, for every ounce of me that hasn’t quite entered the reality of the move, the state of the apartment sure makes up for it:

Most of the big pieces of furniture were sold yesterday.  The books are in boxes. The kitchenware is in boxes.  Soon, all of our life will be in boxes.  It’s amazing how de-sentimental you become when trying to fit your life in boxes to move across the sea.  Suddenly things I have been quite attached to here are being thrown into the garbage as I realize how ludicrous it would be to ship it across the sea.

This time 4 years ago I was in Kentucky visiting my cousin Kyle for a couple of weeks before I started at Multnomah.  It seems like yesterday.  I’ve gone from a normal kid who grew up and lived in the same town with his family for 22 years… to one of those people who casually talk about “that time when I lived in…”.

4 years ago I set off for Portland heading for a degree and planning to go back to Glasgow to continue the work with Re:Hope.  Here I am, degree in hand, wonderful wife by my side, equipped and ready to jump into the things God has in store for us over there.

I’m ready.



1. Sue Bastiani - 22nd August, 2010

Aw so sweet to think of Jesus and the plans he has for the both of you…Have a wonderful spirit filled life together….<3 ❤ ❤

2. Katie Harrington - 22nd August, 2010

It’s bittersweet to see both you and Mon go over to Scotland- bitter because you guys won’t be hear to grace us with your presence or with your great hugs and warm friendly smile but sweet at the same time because I know that you will be doing amazing things over in Scotland that will change people’s lives forever.

Thank you for being ones who truly follow God’s word no matter where He tells you to go or what you will be doing. A great example that I will always have in my life to look upon 🙂

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