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Divine Connections 29th July, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Divine Appointments.

I started blogging all those years ago simply as a way of processing my thoughts.  I was also open to the possibility that God could use my ramblings to benefit someone else out there.  I love when I find out that’s that case.  More than that, I love when the interactions through my blog go beyond cyber-contact and become real life relationship.

A few months ago I received a really encouraging email from a girl called Grace who has been following my blog from all the way over in Asia.  Having been encouraged by some things I’ve written she felt led to email me and let me know how this ol’ blog has encouraged her as she serves God.  Her email worked.  I was encouraged and emailed her to thank her.  Soon a number of emails went back and forth as she picked my brain with some ministry thoughts and I answered and probed back.

About a month ago she made the statement: “I really wish I could sit down and have coffee with you and your wife some time”.  She added me on facebook and I was really surprised to see that she lives in Singapore.  I stopped in my tracks.  My thoughts went something like this:  “I’ve never been to Asia, but I’m going in 2 weeks.  Of all the places I could be, I’m going to be in Singapore.  God is obviously doing something”.  And so I emailed her.  “Grace, you’re never going to believe this.  My wife and I will be in Singapore in 2 weeks.  We’d LOVE to have coffee if we can make it happen”.


I had no idea Singapore was so small.  So on one of our days in Singapore we jumped on the public transport system and 20mins later were sitting down in a restaurant with Grace, eating dinner and talking about ministry.  It was such an encouraging time for all three of u and I left with no doubts whatsoever that God had orchestrated the whole thing!  (Sorry Keith that I missed the opportunity a couple of months ago to get together.  I’m trusting that God will make another opportunity available!)

It reminds me of how big God is and what He can do.  Here was Grace, all the way in Singapore, praying for guidance, encouragement, and resources as she pursued His will in her life.  One of the way God answered was to send Mon and I around the world to spend an evening with her.  We often pray too small.  And we drastically underestimate God’s ability to answer!

Three people, from three countries, divinely connected by the will of God.  It’s humbling.



1. Grace - 29th July, 2010

😀 Indeed. With man it is impossible..but with God..all things are possible 😀
I thank God for the 2 of you and for your sharing which helped me so! 😀 😀

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