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We’re in South East Asia 13th July, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Travel.

I can hardly believe that Mon and I are sitting in a friend’s apartment in Singapore!  If you don’t know where that is…

We’re spending the next 5 days in Singapore and then flying to Malaysia for a week.  Why?  Next week is CRM’s (our mission organizations) World Wide Conference.  Every 4 years they put on a conference which all their missionaries attend.  They move location each year and this years its in Langkawi Malaysia.

My Student visa expired yesterday (July 12th) which meant I had to leave the country.  Our layover on the way to Malaysia was Singapore, and so rather than paying a ton of money to fly back to Scotland before Malaysia, it seemed best to come here for the extra few days.  We’re so grateful to the Ng family for hosting us for the few days we’re here.  I’m also excited because while we’re here we’re going to meet and hang out with someone who reads my blog who I’ve been corresponding with.  🙂  FUN!

I’ve never been this far east before.  For years now I’ve read biographies from great men and women who preached the gospel in Asia.  It feels good to finally be here.

We’re off out for some Singaporean grub!  Will fill you in with more later.



1. Sue Bastiani - 18th July, 2010

Hope the grub was good. Hmmm wonder what the Lord has in mind for you. A friend went to Indonesia thinking the Lord wanted him there….I think the smells did him in! lol He changed and worked for the Lord somewhere else. Maybe if the Lord had made it a sweet perfume to him there, he would be serving there now? I bet Scotland smells a LOT like the Pac NW…hmmm? (except more sheepy)

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