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St. Patrick. 5th May, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Books.

This simple little book about Saint Patrick is by Jonathan Rogers and is one of the books in the Christian Encounters Series published by Thomas Nelson.  It’s the third book I got free from Thomas Nelson through their “book review bloggers” program (BookSneeze.com). If you’re in the States, like reading, and want some new and FREE books, you should sign up!

I have to say, it’s nice to read a book about St. Paddy that doesn’t camp on all the myths and steers away from painting a picture of him as a supernatural being who causes altars to float, snakes to disappear, and people to surrender to Christ just by being in his presence!   Throughout the story Rogers has interspersed some of the myths and miracles that have become staples in discussions of St Patrick pointing out their validity or inaccuracy and explains how we can use these stories to understand the heart of St. Patrick and those who followed him.

As fun as the legends are, it is more encouraging and inspiring to read the story of a nobody who God used to establish His Kingdom: a young boy with a basic awareness of God though no relationship with Him… captured by barbarians and sold into slavery… who encountered God, left home, and committed his life reaching the barbarians who sold him.

This book look s at the historical evidence we have about the man Patrick and makes a very honest attempt at piecing together the things we can know with certainty about the man who was instrumental in establishing Christianity in Ireland.  By looking at two key documents written by St. Patrick and by studying the geography and culture of his time, Rogers writes a simple, educational, and reliable biography of the man who we now know as St. Patrick.



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