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Uncontrollable Weeping 25th April, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Bible, Heart, Me.

(picture by Tatyana Starikova)

I was not expecting that.

At church today one of our missionary families used an illustration:  they rolled out a scroll containing the names of all the people groups in the world who don’t have the Bible in their language.  In 10pt font the scroll stretched right across the sanctuary.

As I watched it unfold something really unexpected happened:  My eyes welled up with tears which I fought really hard to stifle before I started weeping uncontrollably.  Even now as I type my eyes are welling up.  It is undeniable that today God embedded something in my heart.

I don’t know if this is the beginning of a call to Bible Translation for some point in the future.  Or perhaps He’s breaking my heart for this crucial area of His Work so that I spend my life praying for it.  Either way, God has done something in my heart uniting it to the work of putting His Word in the hands of those who don’t have it.

When I look at my life, serving in that capacity could make sense:

  • I love languages and ate up my Greek and Hebrew classes, planning that some day I’d work my way through the whole Bible.
  • I have always had the desire to live in a place that doesn’t speak English and have to learn their language.
  • I constantly consume missionary biographies and have for a while had the pipe-dream of living in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere serving God in a way that lacks glory.
  • I love to disciple and have always thought I’d end up spending the last 20-30 years of my life living somewhere obscure, spending the last days of my life being poured out so that people know and love the Lord.

It’s very possible.

God is doing something. I’m willing to go and do “Whatever God wants, whenever He wants, Whatever the cost”.  I’m willing “to give up All that I have to become All that God wants me to be”.

God, if you want me to go, I’ll go.  If you want me to stay, I’ll stay.  My heart is yours.  Lord, send me.



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