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Another Year Older 26th March, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Life, Me.

Another year older and supposedly another year wiser!  Monday was my 26th birthday… #4 of those celebrated on US soil.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here through 4 birthdays already.  This year was a little different to the last few years… I got to celebrate twice!

Birthday A:
I got to have a surprise birthday celebration at work at the beginning of March.  Our senior pastor, Mike, (my boss) has his birthday at the beginning of March and it was decided that all the staff would go out for breakfast for our Tuesday morning meeting to celebrate.  They sneakily got everyone to sign a card for me too and spoiled me.  It was fun to get to celebrate with the incredible staff at Grace Chapel who have all become dear friends.

Birthday B:
This was my real birthday.  It was wonderfully “chill”.  I slept late.  A friend came over to hang out.  At lunch time I went in to school to (voluntarily) take an oral Hebrew Reading exam.  Then Mon and I headed to Powell’s, Portland’s famous bookstore and for my birthday I spent the $40 of book tokens we’d acquired over the last year.  I bought 8 books… and I think only one of them wasn’t a missionary biography.  I’ve almost finished two and am starting the third!  (Have you noticed I’ve been reading a lot recently?  Not that it’s all I’ve been blogging about – oops!).  After that we headed our to Shari’s, the place that has become my birthday hang out.  A bunch of friends came and ate and hung out, and then I went home nice and tired.  Somewhere in between I had a few calls with the family at home and in Dubai.  Oh, and this year I made it my mission to individually thank anyone who happy birthday’d me on facebook.

Birthday C:
I ‘m writing this from Medford where Mon’s family live and just this second realized I actually had three birthday celebrations this year, because we celebrated here last night.  Being here in Medford for Spring Break is what is allowing me the time to munch some books, write blogs, newsletters, catch up on emails.  I’m so glad to get the break and be allowed some space to do my own thing.  We stopped off at a store on the way down from Portland (it’s a 4.5hr drive) and I bought myself a birthday present… NEW SHOES!

I’m sure you’re not as excited about this as I am… but I’ve not bought new shoes since I moved here.  I shipped over any trainers (tennis shoes for you Americans) I had and have worn them all to the point there are no soles on them.  Reluctantly I’ve thrown each pair out so that now I only have one pair.  I’m not a fan of American-style trainers and was hoping I could hold out till I got back to Scotland, but I finally found a pair that I like and so now I can walk in the rain without getting my feet soaked through the holes in the bottom.  Oh, and to make it even better, last night my birthday gift was money… for shoes… so they’re all paid for by them.  SWEEEEET!

What a fun birthday.  New Shoes.  New books.  Friends.  Hebrew.  Food…
God is good!



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