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The Chasm: Short Version 26th February, 2010

Posted by Scotty in Books, Heart, Musings, Worship.

I have often said that “worship flows from a thankful heart” .  It is bang in the midst of the Truth and Grace Paradox that I believe we worship most fully.

Step One: realizing the Truth…

If we see God as He really is, and ourselves as we really are, there’s only one appropriate response:  to worship Him.
(The Grace and Truth Paradox, p32)

Step Two: accepting Grace…

If I grasp that I deserve Hell, I’ll be filled with gratitude not only for God’s huge blessings [redemption through Christ’s death and resurrection]… but also for His smaller blessings… I’ll be overwhelmed with the knowledge that I have plenty else I don’t deserve.
(The Grace and Truth Paradox, p33-34 [comments added])

Step Three: merging Truth and Grace…

When we realize the Truth about the nature of God and of ourselves, and when we rest in the Grace that He bridged the infinite gap to give us what we don’t deserve, we can’t do anything else but be thankful.

It is from that thankful heart that our worship errupts.



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