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Wedding: Groomsman 29th July, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Life.

I feel like the luckiest man alive.  Not only am I about to marry the most amazing woman, but standing up there with me will be some of the greatest men alive.  I want to take a little time each day this week to give a shout out to each of my groomsmen and tell you a little bit about why I think they’re so great….

Joe Garibay

Joe Garibay

It was actually Mon who first met Joe, the Safeway Checkout Guy.  From a distance as Mon scanned to find which checkout to go to, she clocked Joe and for some reason knew he was a Christian.  She went to his checkout and sure enough he told her he was a student at Portland Bible College.  A week or so later when Mon and I were at Safeway buying food for a BBQ she introduced me to Joe.  By the time we were checked out I had his number and we’d planned that he’d be at the next BBQ or guys prayer time.

We got into the habit of meeting weekly, and by the time I got back from Israel our pattern was to pick a book to read through together.  Each week we would read a couple of chapters and then we’d spend a morning in his room talking about what we’d read, share what was going on in our lives, and enjoy a great time of interceding for one another.

I’ve grown to appreciate Joe tremendously.  I love his humility.  He considers himself nothing more than a lowly servant working in the church and week by week I witness him going out of his way to serve others in the hope to draw them closer to the Lord.  He is a man of Truth willing to be open and vulnerable about his struggles while also, even thought it’s uncomfortable, is willing to call people out when they’re not walking on track. And he loves the church, with all her flaws and short-comings, he is committed to her because Christ loves her!

Which brings me to his  “radical grace”.  He works hard to always see who people are becoming rather than defining them by mistakes they’ve made.  I know that I can walk in to his room at any time and tell Joe any thing and he’ll continue to love me just the same… probably even more. He knows all the nitty gritty ugly details of my life and is committed to walking alongside me and helping me be the man God made me to be.  We all need friends like that.

We’ve walked through a lot of tough stuff together this semester which has strengthened our friendship.  I know that whenever I’m going through a tough time he’ll be on the phone to check up on me and will pray for me before he hangs up.  In our meetings he frequently talks about a time in the future when we’ll be hanging out and doing some kind of ministry together and we’ll look back on these formative years of our friendship and grin at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Broseph, I look forward to looking back at these days with you!



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