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Discover the Power of the Bible 23rd June, 2009

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Ron Frost used to be a professor at Multnomah, and Discover the Power of the Bible is a book he wrote about a passion we share:  BibleReadthrough Discipleship.

I remember the first day I met Ron Frost.  All the students from the 1st year program at the Seminary were at his house for a getting-to-know-each-other event and he was sharing his story with us.  It didn’t take long before he mentioned doing Bible Readthroughs and it clicked that this was the professor my mentor Brian heard the idea from which he used to disciple me.

When I heard Dr. Frost had written a book I was keen to read it, although it’s been sitting on my bookshelf for the last two years waiting on me getting the time.  I was feeling a little demotivated and lagging a little on my Bible reading and so I grabbed it from my shelf and was wonderfully encouraged.

In the book Frost shares how he was introduced to the Bible Readthrough (by a Scottish Missionary!!!) who had read through the Bible about 150 times.  He soon fell head over heels in love with God’s Word, and has used this method of discipleship ever since.

Along with outlining the ReadThrough method, in the second half of the book Dr. Frost outlines two other Bible Study methods that he uses on occasion alongside the ReadThrough, both of which I’m excited to try.

The basic premise is this:

  • Find someone to partner with in the process
  • Set a deadline to finish by which will determine the amount you need to read each day
  • Work through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • Underline as you go
  • Meet and take 10-15 minutes to read through all that you underlined.

The genius is that the process is extremely simple… and HUGELY impacting.  I don’t have to do much, just sit back and watch God challenge someone’s life as they encounter his Word.  I’m sold on the ReadThrough for both my personal devotions and for discipleship.  In fact, I’m going through the ReadThrough for the 8th or 9th time at the moment and it has hugely increased my knowledge of God’s Word and my passion for sharing Him with others.

Brian and I do our readthroughs a little differently:

  • meet (usually) in groups of 3 or 4
  • we read a book a week (or more than one if the book is small)
  • underline as we go
  • and meet to share the three things that you loved the most about the book.

This week I’m about to start the ReadThrough with a new partner.  And man… I’m excited!  I can’t wait to see how God impacts this man’s life.



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