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Soul Cravings 22nd June, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Books, Musings.

soulcravingsSoul Cravings by Erwin MacManus is a thought provoking book.  The book is a series of reflections or short journal entries on the topics Intimacy, Destiny, and Meaning.  Through the book McManus probes these topics and at the same time touches the depths of the longings we all have inside of us that so often drag us away from God.  (For Example, see Taking, Faking, Making Love)

It’s a seeker-sensitive book that looks to evaluate the desires we have in us and show that they are God-given and designed to lead us to Him.  It would be a great book to give to someone whom you know is “seeking”, although his arguments and musings can be quite circular and won’t stand up to the scrutiny of careful logic.

The book is extremely quotable, packed full of profound statements to get you thinking.  Here are a couple of the ones I chewed on for a while:

If the message that God wants to get across to us is just about getting our beliefs right, then he didn’t need to come himself.  If God’s entire intent was to clarify right from wrong, no personal visitation was necessary.  If the ultimate end was simply to overwhelm us with the miraculaous so that we would finally believe, then even God taking on flesh and blood and walking among us was far from necessary.
There is only one reason for God to come himself, because in issues of love, you just can’t have someone else stand in for you.

Most of us want God to fix every wrong choice we make without taking from us our right to choose wrongly.

Only God can take you where you were born to go.

Let [Jesus] change you at your core, then let your passions fuel your life.



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