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A Simple Truth 15th June, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Bible, Challenges, Church, Heart, Spirituality.

116220689_438039ddb3For the last few weeks I have been ruminating on a phrase my mentor would often say to me during out BibleReadthrough times, and in fact, yesterday I scribbled in down in my journal in red ink to make it stand out:

“if what the Bible says and how you live your life don’t match up… you begin the process of change”

This was one of the most instrumental concepts of my spiritual development and is perhaps the most understated line in discipleship today.

I hear many discipleship strategies today, and I am certain that the most effective way to see someone’s life changed is to journey with them through God’s Word.  We want people to read it because is it here that they meet and fall in love with the Creator God, the Saviour of the world, and it is the gospel which is “the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Rom 1:16)

So many people however read the Word and stop there.  We come across a Biblical Truth that we don’t like and so we skim it.  We shut our spiritual eyes and move on to something more encouraging.  But that’s not the way God intended it to be.  We’re challenged by the Bible because it is living and active… it searches our hearts and challenges our faulty desires.

When you read the Word, come with a heart that is ready to respond.  When you read something that challenges you, begin the hard but rewarding work of change.  If you come to a passage that challenges an area of your life you’ve been convicted about before, ask yourself the question… did I begin the process of change?

It is so easy to make excuses to justify the things we do wrong.  Let us be people who respond to God’s Word… people who read what it says and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the process of change.



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