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Vision Statement 15th May, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Me, Mission.


“God created me to be a catalyst for equipping people
to encounter God, lead the church and expand His Kingdom.”

God created me”:  I am a creation of God’s that exists to bring Him glory.  He has called me to live a life of extraordinary faith, seeking to know Him with intense intimacy, becoming a person who lives the Word and breathes Prayer whose life attracts both the lost and found.

to be a catalyst”:  A catalyst is useless on its own but when it is strategically placed it is used to cause and increase the effectiveness of a reaction.  I am God’s catalyst, an instrument placed strategically by Him into situations where He is already at work in order to enable results.  This requires living in complete surrender to Him, being willing to do Whatever He wants, Whenever He wants it, Whatever the cost.

equipping people to…”:  Through teaching and exhortation God will use me in peoples lives to equip them to join Him in what He is doing in the world.  This requires getting deeply involved in people’s lives, coming along side them to help them identify their God-given dreams and gifts so that they can be fanned into flame.  There are three primary ways He wants me to equip people…

to encounter God”:  I am a catalyst that God places in people’s lives to increase their hunger and thirst to know and be used by Him.  I join with God in what He is already doing in the lives of the lost and found, leading them into a deeper relationship with Him that will become the foundation for all that they do.

to lead the church”:  I am a catalyst that God uses to increase the effectiveness of the Church first by leading the Church, and then by growing leaders who live lives of Radical Obedience to Him.  My life will be given to teaching, preaching, and discipling people so that the church will have passionate leaders to catalyze the next generation.

to expand His Kingdom”:  I am a catalyst that God uses to helps others make their God-given dreams a reality.  My life will be spent running alongside His people, serving with them, empowering them, and encouraging them to accomplish what He is calling them to do.  Through communing with God and working in community, mission will happen: the lost will be reached, the church will be equipped, effective ministries will be started, and God’s Kingdom will grow.



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