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Crunch Time 24th April, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Multnomah, Pain.

workerI don’t think I’ve ever felt the crunch like I do this week.  I have 13 days till I’m done with school and so lots of final papers and assignments to wrap up before the end.  This week in particular is the worst.  I have 3 larger papers to write and a sermon to preach.  Added all up I have to write about 65 pages (double spaced) by 2.30pm on Wednesday.

For the next week I have no life outside of the library.  I am reading ever spare moment I have, trying to make sure I sleep just enough that my brain functions, and of course most torturous is that I get to spend hardly any time with my incredibly understanding fiancée!

Pray for me as I sit here working away.  That I would glorify God first and foremost.  That I would learn.  And that I would be super-productive.  Almost there…



1. Tyler - 24th April, 2009

praying for you man. that is tough.

2. Scotty - 24th April, 2009

thanks bro. I really appreciate the prayers!

3. San Jose « Work in Progress - 30th April, 2009

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