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Speedometer – Day 4 4th April, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Life.

See: The Speedometer Challenge

speedometerLesson #6 – Rest: It’s amazing how much more rested I am when I stick to the speed limit.  Do you really how frustrated driving can make you.  I have often waited till the last minute to leave the house, and then as I drive along the road I spend the whole time planning which lane of traffic is moving faster, how to get the slow car to move out the way, getting more and more frustrated as I watch the clock, try to ignore the speedometer and try to show the other cars that Scottish driving is far superior.  What is the result?  I end up frustrated, angry, and get to where I’m going in a bit of a bad mood.  Being careful with the speed has caused me to have to leave earlier to make sure I don’t feel the impulse to rush.  I sit in the car and enjoy the peaceful drive.  I can stay in the outside lane sitting at the limit and let the other cars be the ones to jump in and out of lanes getting frustrated!

It’s so true of our Spiritual Walk!  So many people criticize Christianity saying that it “takes all the fun out of life”.  I disagree.  When I do things my way, I end up angry, frustrated, hurting… yeah the thrill of the moment feels good, but over the long haul it just wears me down.  I like the peace that comes from obedience… the reassurnace I have that God’s plan for me has better reward than my fleshly desires.  I wanna rest in Him!



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