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Speedometer – Day 3 3rd April, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Life.

See: The Speedometer Challenge

speedometerLesson #4 – Prevention: When I drive with my speedometer bang on the limit, the slightest deviation means I’m breaking the limit.  It’s impossible to drive with my eyes fixed entirely on the speedometer.  It works out better to drive marginally below the limit, so that if I’m distracted for a moment and my speed increases I’m still within the limit.  Obviously, I also have to be careful with this… driving below the speed limit can frustrate other drivers and end up causing more accidents!

Spiritually this is what I usually call “flirting with sin”.  I don’t want to be someone who flirts with sin and lives life a step away from falling.  I want to be the kind of guy who knows his limits and lives with healthy boundaries, which means having boundaries and accountability in place which keeps me at a safe distance from my “limit”.  Do you want to live life managing your sins, or would you rather have healthy boundaries that prevent you from struggling with your sin?  (The caution… we have to pay attention to those around us, not placing our boundaries on them.. because we can cause a fractured relationship that leads them to sin)

Lesson #5 – Planning: Driving at the speed limit requires advance planning.  The truth is, I’m used to driving above the speed limit and have got used to how long it takes to get from A to B.  To drive at the speed limit, I need to allow myself more time for the journey.  It involves forward planning.  Making sure I leave early enough so that I’m not “rushing” to get there.  It requires planning before driving, and as I’ve mentioned already, during driving!

When we take our eyes of of Christ and begin to allow ourself to slip into the ocassional sin it quickly becomes a pattern or habit in our lives.  We get so used to accomodating sin in our lives that it takes some planning, and cooperation with the Holy Spirit to get out of that rut.  If we carry on as normal, we will inevitably fall back into sin when the pressure is on, so we need to plan ahead, and develop a new habit.  Praise God for Grace!



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