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Speedometer – Day 2 2nd April, 2009

Posted by Scotty in Life.

See: The Speedometer Challenge

speedometerLesson #2 – Distraction: In Oregon it is not illegal to call or text while driving, so it is something of a regular habit of most drivers, myself included.  Well, on a couple of occasions I caught myself slightly over the speed limit today… why?  Because I was on the phone.  I can’t pay as much attention to the road, or the speedometer when I’m using the phone, and so one of the areas has to suffer.  I decided to sit my phone on the passenger seat and not use it so I could concentrate on my speed.

How many things in my life do I allow to distract me from Christ?  I allow my life to be run by emails, phonecalls, text messages, facebook, coffee meetings, homework assignments.  These things require my attention and so if I’m not working at focussing on Christ, this business could lead me to sin.  Am I willing to lay aside distractions?!

Lesson #3a – Pride: Ouch! I took a huge dent in my pride today!  I was driving along the road and the car in front of me was going 5 mph under the speed limit for quite a while, so I eventually decided to pass them.  I pull round the car and accelerated to the speed limit and as I start to pass they sped up to the speed limit.  This wouldn’t be a problem until I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a car behind me approaching rather quickly.  I have a choice… speed up to get round the car, or slow down and pull back in behind it.  I decided to do the latter.  Why did it feel so humiliating?  Because my heart is filled with pride.

Daily in my Spiritual walk I’ encounter situations where I have to decide between obeying God or disobeying.  It’s very infrequently that these are what we’d consider MAJOR issues for life and ministry, it can be as simple as choosing to reach out in love to someone, to admit I’m wrong, or even to participate in a corporate activity that I’m not too stoked on.  How many times have I chosen to sin out of pride and competitiveness, rather than submitting to God and acting in love.  Man, I can think of many situations, even in present relationships where I’ve not wanted to be the one to “back down”.

Lesson #3b – Love: Extremely related to the one above is probably better termed “courtesy”.  I had never really thought about how selfish a driver I am.  It’s about me getting to where I need to go as quickly as I can get there.  I get impatient with the other cars if they’re in my way and/or going to slow.  I get frustrated when a car overtakes me on the inside and gets ahead of me, yet I do the very same thing (Lesson #3c – Hypocrisy!!!).  In my attempt to obey the speed limit I’m having to think more about other cars on the road.  Am I in someone else’s way? If I want to overtake someone I have to check and see that there isn’t a car approaching quickly who’d be frustrated if I was in front of them crawling past the car next to me.

It’s amazing how much my failure to focus on Jesus reduces my ability to love others.  God calls us to live selflessly, to live for Him, but we are so set on living for ourselves.  It’s not until we stop to remind ourselves what Christ requires, and seek to obey His will, that we are able to lay aside our selfishness and place others above ourselves.



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