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Abunction 2nd November, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Life.

I want the word abunction to be added to the English Dictionary.

This week, tired and ill, and having just preached, I was being driven home and couldn’t string my words together properly. My voice was almost gone, I had reverted back to the Scottish way of mumbling and running words together, the accent was back, along with my “verbal dyslexia”. As I turned to Mon to tell her how I felt I said:

I have lost my abunction

I was trying to say I had lost my “ability to function” properly and instead coined what I think is a wonderfully descriptive new word. So, to “lose one’s abunction” is to lost your ability to function, so much so that you can’t even speak properly.

We laughed very hard!



1. Zach - 4th November, 2008


2. Mon - 6th November, 2008

such a great word…good times 🙂

3. kirstymac - 11th December, 2008

i will take it and use it…. abunction is a prized characteristic in so many moments of the day…

4. Sueso - 24th November, 2009

That’s so funny! I googled abunction and it took me right here! I thought it was a real word! Scots mumble?

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